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in the sense of denominate
to give a specific name to
he saw scarcely a single elevation that he cared to denominate a hill
in the sense of designate
to give a name to or describe as
one man interviewed in our study, whom we shall designate as `Mr E'
in the sense of dub
to give (a person or place) a name or nickname
He dubbed it the most exciting film currently in cinemas.
in the sense of empower
to give (someone) the power or authority to do something
The trustees of the museum are empowered to sell items from its collection.
give power to,
give authority to,
invest with power
in the sense of enable
The authorities issued visas to enable them to enter the country.
in the sense of label
to describe or classify in a word or phrase
Too often the press are labelled as irresponsible.
in the sense of license
to give permission to or for
the council can license a U.S. company to produce the drug
in the sense of name
to give a name to
My mother insisted on naming me Horace.
in the sense of permit
to allow (someone) to do something
I was permitted to bring my camera into the concert.Our constitution does not permit the sending of troops.
agree to,
consent to,
give the green light to,
give leave or permission
in the sense of sanction
to officially approve of or allow
He may seem ready to sanction the use of force.

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