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in the sense of cant
specialized vocabulary of a particular group, such as thieves or lawyers
He resorted to a lot of pseudo-psychological cant to confuse me.
in the sense of hold forth
to speak for a long time
He is capable of holding forth with great eloquence.
go on,
spout (informal),
spiel (informal),
korero (New Zealand)
in the sense of jabber
to speak very quickly and excitedly
I left them there jabbering away
rabbit (on) (British, informal),
waffle (informal, British),
yap (informal),
run off at the mouth (slang),
in the sense of line
Don't be fooled by that line about having seen you before somewhere.
spiel (informal)
in the sense of lingo
any foreign or unfamiliar language or jargon
I don't speak the lingo.
in the sense of monologue
any long speech by one person, esp. one which prevents other people talking or expressing their views
He ignored the question and continued his monologue.
in the sense of pat
to tap (someone or something) lightly with the hand
She patted me on the knee.
in the sense of patois
the jargon of a particular group
people from the ghetto who speak street patois
in the sense of pelt
to throw (missiles) at
Crowds started to pelt police cars with stones.
wallop (informal),
hurl at,
cast at,
sling at
in the sense of pitch
a persuasive sales talk, esp. one routinely repeated
He was impressed with her hard sales pitch.
spiel (informal)

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