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Synonyms of 'predict'

to tell about in advance
Nobody can predict what will happen.
prophets who have foretold the end of the world
They forecast a defeat for the Prime Minister.
She tried to divine which of her siblings was telling the truth.
He did not foresee any problems.
She prophesied the Great Fire of London and her own death in 1561.
, ,
Already there were problems. It didn't augur well.
, ,
Comets, in Western tradition, always portend doom and gloom.
, , ,
vaticinate (rare)


You can only predict things after they happen [Eugène Ionesco]

Additional synonyms

in the sense of augur
to be a good or bad sign of future events
Already there were problems. It didn't augur well.
in the sense of divine
to discover (something) by intuition or guessing
She tried to divine which of her siblings was telling the truth.
in the sense of forebode

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