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Synonyms of 'put your shoulder to the wheel'

to work very hard
work hard
He strives hard to keep himself very fit.
make every effort
set to work
buckle down (informal)
I just buckled down and got on with playing.
apply yourself
If you apply yourself, there's no reason why you shouldn't pass.
exert yourself
He never exerts himself for other people.
get down to something
See shoulder

Additional synonyms

in the sense of apply yourself
to concentrate one's efforts or faculties
If you apply yourself, there's no reason why you shouldn't pass.
work hard,
pay attention,
commit yourself,
buckle down (informal),
be assiduous,
devote yourself,
be diligent,
dedicate yourself,
make an effort,
address yourself,
be industrious,
in the sense of buckle down
to apply oneself with determination
I just buckled down and got on with playing.
set to,
fall to,
get busy,
get cracking (informal),
put your shoulder to the wheel
in the sense of exert yourself
to make a special effort
He never exerts himself for other people.
make an effort,
go for it (informal),
try hard,
bend over backwards (informal),
do your best,
go for broke (slang),
bust a gut (informal),
spare no effort,
make a great effort,
give it your best shot (informal),
break your neck (informal),
apply yourself,
put yourself out,
make an all-out effort (informal),
get your finger out (British, informal),
pull your finger out (British, informal),
knock yourself out (informal),
do your damnedest (informal),
give it your all (informal),
rupture yourself (informal)

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