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Synonyms of 'rattle on'

(phrasal verb) 
to talk quickly and at length about something unimportant
I listened in silence as Sam rattled on.
She prattled on until I wanted to scream.
rabbit (on) (British, informal)
Everyone was chattering away in different languages.
witter (informal)
She witters on about her boyfriend all the time.
, ,
yak (away) (slang)
Radio preachers were gibbering about the end of the world.
I left them there jabbering away
The child sat on his knee and gabbled excitedly.
, , ,
run on
earbash (Australian, New Zealand, slang)
See rattle

Additional synonyms

in the sense of cackle
the sound of cackling
in the sense of chatter
to speak quickly and continuously about unimportant things
Everyone was chattering away in different languages.
rabbit on (British, informal),
gab (informal),
schmooze (slang),
blether (Scottish),
run off at the mouth (US, slang),
in the sense of gabble
to speak rapidly and indistinctly
The child sat on his knee and gabbled excitedly.
rabbit on (British, informal),
run off at the mouth (slang),
waffle (informal, British)

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