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Synonyms of 'relocate'

to move or be moved to a new place of work
Should they be forced to relocate at the end of the contract?
move house
My home is in Yorkshire and I don't want to move.
change residence
Just pack your bags and leave.
She was not allowed to leave the country.
They removed to America.
Police were called when he refused to quit the building.
go away
I wish he'd just go away and leave me alone.
, ,
flit (Scottish, Northern England, dialect)
pack your bags (informal)

Additional synonyms

in the sense of go away
I wish he'd just go away and leave me alone.
move out,
go to hell (informal),
hook it (slang),
slope off,
pack your bags (informal),
get on your bike (British, slang),
bog off (British, slang),
sling your hook (British, slang),
rack off (Australian, New Zealand, slang)
in the sense of leave
to go away (from a person or place)
Just pack your bags and leave.She was not allowed to leave the country.
depart from,
withdraw from,
go from,
escape from,
pull out of,
retire from,
move out of,
disappear from,
run away from,
flit (informal),
set out from,
go away from,
hook it (slang),
pack your bags (informal),
make tracks,
abscond from,
bog off (British, slang),
decamp from,
sling your hook (British, slang),
slope off from,
take your leave of,
do a bunk from (British, slang),
take yourself off from (informal)
in the sense of move
to start to live or work in a different place
My home is in Yorkshire and I don't want to move.
move house,
flit (Scottish, Northern England, dialect),
up sticks (British, informal),
pack your bags (informal),
change residence

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