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Synonyms of 'resentment'

Rigid policing can only feed resentment and undermine confidence.
I still feel bitterness and anger.
No wonder he could hardly contain his indignation.
ill feeling
He bears no ill feeling towards you.
ill will
He didn't bear anyone any ill will.
, ,
He cried with anger and frustration.
The people are full of fear and rage.
She screamed, her face distorted with fury.
For the first time he felt irritation at her methods.
It was an accident and I bear him no grudge.
His action incurred the wrath of animal rights activists.
There was no malice on his part.
There's a long history of animosity between the two nations.
, ,
Their ire was directed mainly at the two instigators.
displeasure at the slow pace of change
In a fit of pique, he threw down his bag.
`That's too bad,' he said without rancour.
bad blood
There is, it seems, some bad blood between them.
, ,
He kicked the broken machine in vexation.
all gall and wormwood
chip on your shoulder (informal)


It is very difficult to get up resentment towards persons whom one has never seen [Cardinal NewmanApologia pro Vita Sua]

Additional synonyms

in the sense of anger
a feeling of extreme annoyance or displeasure
He cried with anger and frustration.
in the sense of animosity
a powerful dislike or hostility
There's a long history of animosity between the two nations.
in the sense of bad blood
There is, it seems, some bad blood between them.

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