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Synonyms of "backwards"
Synonyms of "backwards"
French Translation of "backwards"
French Translation of "backwards"
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Spanish Translation of "backwards"
Spanish Translation of "backwards"
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Example sentences containing 'backwards'

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Allowing thriving schools to be undermined by the loss of their brightest pupils would be a backwards step. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The mum was coming backwards and forwards, she was so distraught. Times, Sunday Times (2017)We can't keep taking steps backwards. Times, Sunday Times (2016)We've taken a step backwards today. Times, Sunday Times (2016)On the 16th he pulled his second shot and had to play backwards on his way to a double bogey. Times, Sunday Times (2016)But if you look backwards in the world of higher education and learning in general, these disciplinary separations are relatively recent. Smithsonian Mag (2017)Many in the country, affronted by the tawdry detail, will feel football has moved backwards. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Whether that's forwards or backwards, you decide. Times, Sunday Times (2017)He added:'But it is a step backwards. Times, Sunday Times (2016)He just looked backwards and barged in to the goalkeeper. Times, Sunday Times (2012)The idea is that you lean forwards to go forwards and backwards to stop. The Sun (2010)Both outer rear seats can be moved forwards or backwards. The Sun (2014)You should aim to be able to run backwards for one mile within a few months. The Sun (2012)The tabloids have to take a step backwards and think about what they have done. Times, Sunday Times (2006)They design their service backwards from the way most services are. Christianity Today (2000)He is not backwards about coming forwards. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Take a big step backwards with the back leg. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Decide what your end point will be and work your way backwards. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Avoid the tendency to throw the weights upward or lean forwards or backwards. Lycholat, Tony Shape Your Body, Shape Your Life (1987)And it involves a continual flow of relevant information backwards and forwards between agent and investor. Times, Sunday Times (2012)We have to move forward backwards. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Maggie and Jem stepped backwards towards the door. Tracy Chevalier Burning Bright (2007)It grew both ways, towards the toe and backwards towards the heel. Marsden, Philip The Crossing-Place (1993)The story unfolds in two parts, one which goes backwards and the other forwards. The Sun (2010)When we reached the crest and looked backwards, a glorious view was presented. Eric Newby A BOOK OF LANDS AND PEOPLES (2003)The driver's seat moves forwards and backwards but not up and down. Times, Sunday Times (2012)The kitchen maid began to move backwards, one cautious step at a time. Kerr, Katharine A Time of War (1993)Some weeks we moved a long way forward, some weeks we moved a long way backwards. Times, Sunday Times (2014)The Replacements were infused with great energy but also looked backwards to classic rock. The Sun (2008)It seems that if you don't move forward with technology you end up moving backwards. The Times Literary Supplement (2010)I gripped on as the rollercoaster lunged backwards towards its final destination. The Sun (2015)I clip in and edge gingerly backwards towards the drop-off. Times, Sunday Times (2006)

Synonyms of 'backwards'

towards the rear, behind you, in reverse, rearwards
in reverse order, back to front, in the opposite way from usual
to the past, back

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Translations for 'backwards'

British English: backwards /ˈbækwədz/ ADVERB
in direction If you move backwards, you move in the direction behind you.
She walked backwards.
  • American English: backwards
  • Arabic: إِلى الوَرَاء
  • Brazilian Portuguese: para trás
  • Chinese: 向后
  • Croatian: unatraške
  • Czech: dozadu
  • Danish: baglæns
  • Dutch: achteruit
  • European Spanish: hacia atrás
  • Finnish: takaperin
  • French: en arrière
  • German: rückwärts
  • Greek: προς τα πίσω
  • Italian: all’indietro
  • Japanese: 後方に
  • Korean: 뒤쪽으로
  • Norwegian: baklengs
  • Polish: wstecz
  • European Portuguese: para trás
  • Romanian: înapoi
  • Russian: назад
  • Spanish: hacia atrás
  • Swedish: baklänges
  • Thai: ถอยหลัง
  • Turkish: geriye doğru
  • Ukrainian: назад
  • Vietnamese: về phía sau
British English: backwards /ˈbækwədz/ ADVERB
back to front If you do something backwards, you do it the opposite of the usual way.
He had his jumper on backwards.
  • American English: backwards
  • Arabic: إلى الوَرَاء
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ao contrário
  • Chinese: 相反地
  • Croatian: naopako
  • Czech: pozpátku
  • Danish: baglæns
  • Dutch: achterstevoren
  • European Spanish: al revés
  • Finnish: takaperin
  • French: en arrière
  • German: rücklings
  • Greek: ανάποδα
  • Italian: al contrario
  • Japanese: 反対に
  • Korean: 뒤로
  • Norwegian: baklengs
  • Polish: na odwrót
  • European Portuguese: ao contrário
  • Romanian: invers
  • Russian: наоборот
  • Spanish: revés
  • Swedish: baklänges
  • Thai: ไปข้างหลัง ย้อนหลัง
  • Turkish: ters
  • Ukrainian: навпаки
  • Vietnamese: ngược lại


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