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Example sentences containing 'congest'

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These huge trucks shouldn't be driving in such a congested area. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The normally congested city centre roads were replaced by families and tourists. The Sun (2015)The field has certainly become less congested. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Hybrid cars are very economical in congested areas because energy is used more than once. Times, Sunday Times (2008)But there is more to it than a less congested fixture list. Times, Sunday Times (2016)But we think most see the benefits of less congested roads. Times, Sunday Times (2006)For details of congested areas visit highways. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Alternative routes through residential areas are often quicker and less congested. The Sun (2014)All of this requires a lot of space in a congested city where land is at a premium. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Residents and politicians had successfully argued that the city had little green space and its roads were already congested. Times, Sunday Times (2011)The more mobile population drove farther in more reliable and more comfortable vehicles over smoother and less congested highways. Garraty, John Arthur The American Nation: A History of the United States to 1877 (1995)For years, managers have complained about a congested fixture list and wear and tear on players. The Sun (2008)While important, this represents a small percentage of congested road mileage. Goddard, Stephen B. Getting There: The Epic Struggle between Road and Rail in the American Century (1994)They should remain 150m away from a congested area. Times, Sunday Times (2015)We have the most congested roads in Europe. The Sun (2014)This would have built up behind, like traffic building up on a congested road. Times, Sunday Times (2006)All of a sudden, congested and cluttered areas free up and the game becomes far more open. Times, Sunday Times (2006)In congested city traffic there is little air flowing through the engine to supplement the fan's cooling abilities. Times, Sunday Times (2012)A sprawling, congested and expensive city. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Q My nose is constantly congested. Times, Sunday Times (2007)One of the few driving pleasures left for motorists comes from leaving congested urban streets, abandoning the grim and grinding motorways and hitting the open road. Times, Sunday Times (2009)Though aimed primarily at getting locals to use the bicycle as an alternative form of transport around congested streets, the scheme is also a boon for visitors. Times, Sunday Times (2013)It has triggered concern about the escalation of road rage in this congested city, where drivers must routinely endure two-hour traffic jams. Times, Sunday Times (2007)If you've got a congested street with a primary school and lots of cyclists it may be more sensible to have a 20mph zone. Times, Sunday Times (2011)

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