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French Translation of "footballer"
French Translation of "footballer"
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Spanish Translation of "footballer"
Spanish Translation of "footballer"
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Example sentences containing 'footballer'

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The best way to be a great footballer is to play. The Sun (2016)Being a good footballer is not all you need to be a good manager but it helps. Times, Sunday Times (2016)This is the area in which English footballers have been lacking down the years. Times, Sunday Times (2016)It's not ideal because he is a good footballer and we want him on that pitch. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Not many English footballers can claim to have made a name for themselves on foreign soil. Times, Sunday Times (2016)SO many of us think young footballers are given far too much far too soon. The Sun (2016)And it is here that one of the best footballers in the world 's richest sporting competitions could be found hanging out. Times, Sunday Times (2016)To ask the question'Where did all the great Scottish footballers go? Times, Sunday Times (2016)My advice to any footballer at a great club would be to enjoy your time. Times, Sunday Times (2009)It will not surprise you to know that he has two brothers and they were good footballers. Times, Sunday Times (2007)This was a portrait of the artist as a young footballer. Times, Sunday Times (2006)It makes you better both as a person and a footballer. Times, Sunday Times (2015)It is a confusing world for male footballers. Times, Sunday Times (2015)This is not how we prepare our best young footballers and hence the dearth of leadership. Times, Sunday Times (2010)He is the most famous footballer in the world by miles. Times, Sunday Times (2006)He is a good enough footballer to cope with the transition. Times, Sunday Times (2010)But those are all qualities you need to be a good footballer. Times, Sunday Times (2016)When he was asked what he would have become without cinema and literature he replied "a good footballer. John Foot Calcio: A History of Italian Football (2006)Any English footballer knows what that means. Times, Sunday Times (2012)He was a great footballer, but has failed miserably as a presenter. Times, Sunday Times (2007)He is a great leader, a great man and a great footballer. Times, Sunday Times (2008)The world 's only footballer with an allergy to grass. The Sun (2011)He is a great footballer so if people want to compare me with him that's fine. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Today there are simply more, many as young as footballers. Times, Sunday Times (2007)He's a fantastic footballer with a great brain. The Sun (2009)That says an awful lot about the difficult existence of a young English footballer. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Help for footballers to speak English? The Sun (2015)Footballers of the world unite! Times, Sunday Times (2010)WHY the shock that no English footballers are getting a game? The Sun (2010)Any English footballer A constant whining that is especially pronounced in the more expensive models. Times, Sunday Times (2010)

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Translations for 'footballer'

British English: footballer /ˈfʊtˌbɔːlə/ NOUN
A footballer is a person who plays football.
  • American English: soccer player
  • Arabic: لاعِبُ كُرَةِ قدم
  • Brazilian Portuguese: futebolista
  • Chinese: 足球运动员
  • Croatian: nogometaš
  • Czech: fotbalista
  • Danish: fodboldspiller
  • Dutch: voetballer
  • European Spanish: futbolista
  • Finnish: jalkapalloilija
  • French: footballeur
  • German: Fußballer
  • Greek: ποδοσφαιριστής
  • Italian: calciatore
  • Japanese: フットボール選手
  • Korean: 축구 선수
  • Norwegian: fotballspiller
  • Polish: piłkarz
  • European Portuguese: futebolista
  • Romanian: fotbalist
  • Russian: футболист
  • Spanish: futbolista
  • Swedish: fotbollsspelare
  • Thai: นักฟุตบอล
  • Turkish: futbolcu
  • Ukrainian: футболіст
  • Vietnamese: cầu thủ bóng đá


Definition of footballer from the Collins English Dictionary
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