Definition of 'foothills'

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French Translation of "foothills"
French Translation of "foothills"
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Spanish Translation of "foothills"
Spanish Translation of "foothills"
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Translations for 'foothills'

British English: foothills NOUN
The foothills of a mountain or a range of mountains are the lower hills or mountains around its base.
…the green rolling foothills.
  • American English: foothills
  • Brazilian Portuguese: contraforte
  • Chinese: 丘陵
  • European Spanish: estribaciones
  • French: contreforts
  • German: Ausläufer
  • Italian: colline pedemontane
  • Japanese: 山麓の丘陵地帯
  • Korean: > 작은 언덕산기슭의
  • European Portuguese: contraforte
  • Spanish: estribaciones

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Definition of foothills from the Collins English Dictionary
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