Definition of 'hurry'

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Synonyms of "hurry"
Synonyms of "hurry"
French Translation of "hurry"
French Translation of "hurry"
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Spanish Translation of "hurry"
Spanish Translation of "hurry"
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Example sentences containing 'hurry'

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Which explains why we hurry back for a cosy afternoon by the fire. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Must have put it away in a hurry last autumn. Times, Sunday Times (2016)He gets around the pitch and makes people hurry their passes. Times, Sunday Times (2017)Initially, there is no hurry to get the stamps. Times, Sunday Times (2016)And he looked in a hurry to make up for lost time as two goals in the opening half-hour effectively put this game to bed. The Sun (2016)But hurry, the great prices end on Monday. The Sun (2016)Don't hurry home changes but show you value the family's opinion. The Sun (2017)Please hurry and try to get this resolved as soon as possible. The Sun (2008)No harvest can be enlarged by frantic hurrying about. Christianity Today (2000)And you are always in a hurry. The Sun (2016)Half an hour afterwards there was a great hurry and bustle in the house. William Thackeray Vanity Fair (1837)They are in no hurry to make up their minds. Times, Sunday Times (2007)They were certainly in a hurry to get out of the way. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The rest hurried in horror back to the coach. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Others offer a nervous smile and hurry past. Times, Sunday Times (2006)They may be in no particular hurry to take down their next quarry. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Yet he is in no hurry to rush home. Times, Sunday Times (2012)What is your technique for hurrying things along? Times, Sunday Times (2006)They had to hurry him away to a monastery. Patrick O'Brian The CatalansBut hurry these great deals will soon get snapped up. The Sun (2015) Make sure you hurry back before dusk. Times, Sunday Times (2010)There is no hurry to get the play on. Sidney Sheldon The Other Side of MeNor did he hurry back when all was quiet again. Stewart Lamont WHEN SCOTLAND RULED THE WORLD: The Story of the Golden Age of Genius, Creativity and Exploration (2002)It was like a big lorry going past in a hurry. The Sun (2011)She seemed in no particular hurry. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Don't hurry a love relationship that needs time to reach its full potential. The Sun (2009)It can get crowded but you won't be hurried. Times, Sunday Times (2013) Try to hurry things and changes force you to reorganise what you've just planned. Times, Sunday Times (2006)You may not be able to hurry love, but it seems you can speed up divorce proceedings with the push of a button. Times, Sunday Times (2011)

Synonyms of 'hurry'

rush, fly, dash, barrel (along)
make haste, rush, lose no time, get a move on
speed (up), accelerate, hasten, quicken

Trends of 'hurry'

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Translations for 'hurry'

British English: hurry /ˈhʌrɪ/ NOUN
If you are in a hurryto do something, you need or want to do something quickly. If you do something in ahurry, you do it quickly or suddenly.
She was in a hurry to grow up, eager for knowledge and experience.
  • American English: hurry
  • Arabic: عَجَلَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pressa
  • Chinese: 匆忙
  • Croatian: žurba
  • Czech: spěch
  • Danish: hast
  • Dutch: haast
  • European Spanish: prisa
  • Finnish: kiire
  • French: empressement
  • German: Eile
  • Greek: βιασύνη
  • Italian: fretta
  • Japanese: 大急ぎ
  • Korean: 서두름
  • Norwegian: hastverk
  • Polish: pośpiech
  • European Portuguese: pressa
  • Romanian: grabă
  • Russian: спешка
  • Spanish: prisa
  • Swedish: brådska
  • Thai: ความเร่งรีบ
  • Turkish: acele
  • Ukrainian: поспіх
  • Vietnamese: sự vội vàng
British English: hurry /ˈhʌrɪ/ VERB
If you hurry somewhere, you go there quickly.
Everyone hurried to find a seat.
  • American English: hurry
  • Arabic: يُسْرِعُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: apressar
  • Chinese: 赶紧
  • Croatian: žuriti
  • Czech: spěchat
  • Danish: skynde (sig)
  • Dutch: haasten
  • European Spanish: darse prisa
  • Finnish: kiirehtiä
  • French: se dépêcher
  • German: eilen
  • Greek: βιάζομαι
  • Italian: affrettarsi
  • Japanese: 急ぐ
  • Korean: 서두르다
  • Norwegian: haste
  • Polish: pośpieszyć się
  • European Portuguese: apressar
  • Romanian: a grăbi
  • Russian: спешить
  • Spanish: apresurarse
  • Swedish: skynda (sig)
  • Thai: เร่งรีบ
  • Turkish: acele etmek
  • Ukrainian: поспішати
  • Vietnamese: vội vàng


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