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Spanish Translation of "leaderboard"
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Example sentences containing 'leaderboard'

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The pair were bottom of the judges' leaderboard after two weeks but the public voted to keep them in the contest. Times, Sunday Times (2016)This year he is again on the leaderboard. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Which may explain why they were all near the top of the leaderboard. Times, Sunday Times (2006)But at least my name is on a leaderboard again, which is a change. Times, Sunday Times (2011)There were times when he would have been raging at not bursting to the very top of the leaderboard going into the final day. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Would it really be that much of a shock to see him near the top of an Open leaderboard? The Sun (2015)This weekend the final six couples are whittled down to five, but who will be dancing to the top of the leaderboard? The Sun (2014)Well, China is heading up the leaderboard. Times, Sunday Times (2012)If hypocrisy was a ballroom dance, she'd be top of the leaderboard. The Sun (2011)

Translations for 'leaderboard'

British English: leaderboard NOUN
The leaderboard is a board that shows the names and positions of the leading competitors in a competition, especially a golf tournament.
I'm delighted to be on top of the leaderboard in a tournament that has so many star names playing.
  • American English: leaderboard
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tabela de classificação
  • Chinese: 排行榜尤指高尔夫球比赛的
  • European Spanish: marcador
  • French: classement
  • German: Rangliste
  • Italian: tabellone segnapunti
  • Japanese: リーダーボード
  • Korean: 리더보드
  • European Portuguese: tabela de classificação
  • Spanish: marcador


Definition of leaderboard from the Collins English Dictionary
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