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Example sentences containing 'less than'

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Just half a second slower - but for much less than half the price. The Sun (2016)This is 9g less than it used costs the same. The Sun (2016)Inevitably, parental trust and belief in the value of formal education is much less than one might wish for. Times, Sunday Times (2016)On the other hand, it's much less than anywhere. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The irony is I had much less than many people around me because at the time there was no access to the money. Times, Sunday Times (2016)That is much less than the 1 % or more you would pay an active fund manager, with no guarantee of better returns. Times, Sunday Times (2016)There may be staff whose performance is less than enthusiastic. Times, Sunday Times (2007)He admitted the attack but is likely to serve less than a year. The Sun (2006)This figure is not much less than the fees of some leading independent day schools. Times, Sunday Times (2011)To grow accustomed to humans in dire need is to become something less than human. Christianity Today (2000)Increasing workloads mean couples spend less than an hour a day speaking in person. The Sun (2010)We constantly buy more than we need and use less than we should. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Reaction from investors was less than enthusiastic. Times, Sunday Times (2014)They need so much less than we think they do. Times, Sunday Times (2008)The promise of human liberation had left people looking something less than human. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Most people use less than a third of their available lung capacity in normal breathing. Holford, Patrick The Family Nutrition Workbook (1988)Their frequency is much less than the carrier wave frequency. Schneider, Hermann & Schneider, Leo The Harper Dictionary of Science in Everyday Language (1988)On rising from the task she found both men watching her with something less than complete trust. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss THE WOLF AND THE DOVEHis book suggests that individuals matter much less than overall culture and social values. Times, Sunday Times (2015)From the opening bars it was clear that something was less than right. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Buyers are likely to offer less than that amount to ensure that they leave a profit for themselves. Times, Sunday Times (2009)But it uses less than ten per cent of the energy needed to run the average family home. The Sun (2010)At any given moment you can see which areas of the brain are in use more or less than usual. Claudia Hammond EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER: A Journey Through the Science of Feelings (2005)This was interpreted in the industry as meaning less than 400,000. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Whereas she is all fired up with excitement, he is less than enthusiastic. Times, Sunday Times (2014)While both parties expressed regret, a return looks less than likely. Times, Sunday Times (2011)It doesn't spell out that this could mean getting back less than you put in. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Although looming exams had kept the numbers down, those who were there seemed less than enthusiastic. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Therefore, the sum of its parts is also likely to be less than its gross debt. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Changes to tax thresholds mean those earning less than 40,000 will be better off this year. The Sun (2008)


Definition of less than from the Collins English Dictionary
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