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French Translation of "let in"
French Translation of "let in"
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Spanish Translation of "let in"
Spanish Translation of "let in"
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Example sentences containing 'let in'

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Riley's PC sat on a desk near a window that let in the silvery, misty sunlight. Wood, Bari DOLL'S EYESHe climbed out of bed and opened the window to let in some fresh air. Aldiss, Brian SOMEWHERE EAST OF LIFETaking a deep breath, he fired the engine and let in the clutch. Barbara Erskine HIDING FROM THE LIGHT

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Translations for 'let in'

British English: let in /lɛt ɪn/ VERB
If an object lets in something such as air or water, it allows air or water to get into it or pass through it.
There is no glass in the front door to let in light.
  • American English: let in
  • Arabic: يُدْخِلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: deixar entrar
  • Chinese: 放进
  • Croatian: pustiti u što
  • Czech: vpustit
  • Danish: lukke ind
  • Dutch: binnenlaten
  • European Spanish: dejar entrar
  • Finnish: päästää sisään
  • French: laisser entrer
  • German: hereinlassen
  • Greek: αφήνω να μπει
  • Italian: fare entrare
  • Japanese: 入れる
  • Korean: 안으로 들이다
  • Norwegian: slippe inn
  • Polish: wpuścić
  • European Portuguese: deixar entrar
  • Romanian: a lăsa să intre
  • Russian: пропускать
  • Spanish: dejar entrar
  • Swedish: släppa in
  • Thai: ให้เข้ามา
  • Turkish: içeriye almak
  • Ukrainian: впускати
  • Vietnamese: cho vào


Definition of let in from the Collins English Dictionary
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