Definition of 'leukaemia'

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French Translation of "leukaemia"
French Translation of "leukaemia"
Word lists "Human diseases"
Word lists "Human diseases"
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Spanish Translation of "leukaemia"
Spanish Translation of "leukaemia"
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Example sentences containing 'leukaemia'

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He spent most of his career trying to find a cure for leukaemia. The Sun (2012)He has begun the biggest fight of his life after being diagnosed with acute leukaemia. The Sun (2012)But he became obsessed with childhood leukaemia, and determined to find a cure for it. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Transplant patients, leukaemia sufferers and those with tumours could benefit. The Sun (2011)The blood is a rich source of stem cells, which can potentially be used to treat diseases such as leukaemia. Times, Sunday Times (2006)His tissue has finally been found to match a leukaemia sufferer, and his stem cells have been taken for a transplant. The Sun (2011)This will also dispel fears about other diseases such as cancer or heart disease or leukaemia, which may be preying on a young mind. MacIntyre, Anne M. E. Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome - How To Live With It (1989)We found that one year went to five years to ten years, and now 70 per cent of cases of childhood leukaemia are cured. Times, Sunday Times (2010)

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Translations for 'leukaemia'

British English: leukaemia /luːˈkiːmɪə/ NOUN
Leukaemia is a serious disease of the blood.
  • American English: leukemia
  • Arabic: الّلُوكِيمْيَا
  • Brazilian Portuguese: leucemia
  • Chinese: 白血病
  • Croatian: leukemija
  • Czech: leukémie
  • Danish: leukæmi
  • Dutch: leukemie
  • European Spanish: leucemia
  • Finnish: leukemia
  • French: leucémie
  • German: Leukämie
  • Greek: λευχαιμία
  • Italian: leucemia
  • Japanese: 白血病
  • Korean: 백혈병
  • Norwegian: leukemi
  • Polish: białaczka
  • European Portuguese: leucemia
  • Romanian: leucemie
  • Russian: лейкемия
  • Spanish: leucemia
  • Swedish: leukemi
  • Thai: โรคที่มีเม็ดโลหิตขาวมากเกินไป
  • Turkish: lösemi
  • Ukrainian: лейкемія
  • Vietnamese: bệnh bạch cầu


Definition of leukaemia from the Collins English Dictionary
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