Definition of 'self-catering'

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French Translation of "self-catering"
French Translation of "self-catering"
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Spanish Translation of "self-catering"
Spanish Translation of "self-catering"
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Translations for 'self-catering'

British English: self-catering /ˈsɛlfˈkeɪtərɪŋ/ NOUN
If you go on a self-catering holiday or you stay in self-catering accommodation, you stay in a place where you have to make your own meals.
Independent self-catering also makes an excellent and inexpensive family holiday.
  • American English: lodging with kitchen
  • Arabic: خِدْمَةٌ ذَاتِية
  • Brazilian Portuguese: auto-serviço
  • Chinese: 自炊
  • Croatian: apartman s mogućnošću pripreme hrane
  • Czech: vlastní stravování
  • Danish: på egen kost
  • Dutch: self-catering
  • European Spanish: sin servicio de comidas
  • Finnish: majoitus, jossa asiakkaat hoitavat itse ruoanlaiton
  • French: vacances autonomes
  • German: Selbstversorgung
  • Greek: αυτοτροφοδοσία
  • Italian: self-catering
  • Japanese: 自炊
  • Korean: 자취
  • Norwegian: selvhusholdning
  • Polish: wyżywienie we własnym zakresie
  • European Portuguese: alojamento com cozinha
  • Romanian: self-catering
  • Russian: размещение с возможностью самостоятельного приготовления пищи
  • Spanish: sin servicio de comidas
  • Swedish: självhushåll
  • Thai: การหาและทำอาหารเอง
  • Turkish: self-catering
  • Ukrainian: самообслуговування
  • Vietnamese: tự phục vụ


Definition of self-catering from the Collins English Dictionary
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