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Synonyms of "so"
Synonyms of "so"
French Translation of "so"
French Translation of "so"
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Word lists "international car registration letters"
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Spanish Translation of "so"
Spanish Translation of "so"
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Example sentences containing 'so'

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I wondered why Jarawa's fate suddenly seemed so important to Christian, when his wife had just died. Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)Without waiting for a reply, she sat down in Christian's seat and leant towards me so that her knees almost touched mine. Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)I idly flicked through the pages for half an hour or so then gave up. Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)The standard is low for the Commonwealth, so there's no way you're gonna win. Lisa Scottoline RUNNING FROM THE LAW (2001)

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Translations for 'so'

British English: so /səʊ/ ADVERB
referring to something already mentioned You use so to talk about something without repeating the same words.
If you don't like it, then say so.
  • American English: so
  • Arabic: كَذَلِكَ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: isso
  • Chinese: 这样
  • Croatian: tako
  • Czech: tak
  • Danish: sådan
  • Dutch: zo
  • European Spanish: tan
  • Finnish: niin
  • French: ainsi
  • German: so
  • Greek: το
  • Italian: così
  • Japanese: そんなに
  • Korean: 그와 같이
  • Norwegian:
  • Polish: tak
  • European Portuguese: isso
  • Romanian: așa
  • Russian: так
  • Spanish: también, lo mismo reemplaza clásula, frase, palabra
  • Swedish:
  • Thai: เช่นนั้น
  • Turkish: öylesine
  • Ukrainian: так
  • Vietnamese: đến mức
British English: so /səʊ/ CONJUNCTION
You use so and so that to talk about the reason for doing something.
They went outside so that nobody would hear them.
  • American English: so
  • Arabic: وَهَكَذَا
  • Brazilian Portuguese: portanto
  • Chinese: 同样
  • Croatian: kako
  • Czech: aby
  • Danish:
  • Dutch: zodat
  • European Spanish: de manera que
  • Finnish: jotta
  • French: pour
  • German: damit
  • Greek: ώστε
  • Italian: perciò
  • Japanese: ・・・するために
  • Korean: 그래서
  • Norwegian: slik (at)
  • Polish: tak
  • European Portuguese: portanto
  • Romanian: astfel încât
  • Russian: поэтому
  • Spanish: de manera que
  • Swedish:
  • Thai: เพื่อว่า
  • Turkish: öyle ki
  • Ukrainian: щоб
  • Vietnamese: vì vậy
British English: so /səʊ/ ADVERB
very You can use so in front of adjectives and adverbs to make them stronger.
They're friends, but they seem so different!
  • American English: so
  • Arabic: جِدّاً
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tão
  • Chinese: 非常的
  • Croatian: tako
  • Czech: tak
  • Danish:
  • Dutch: zo
  • European Spanish: tan
  • Finnish: niin
  • French: sitellement
  • German: sonst
  • Greek: τόσο
  • Italian: così
  • Japanese: とても
  • Korean: 너무나
  • Norwegian:
  • Polish: taki
  • European Portuguese: tão
  • Romanian: așa de
  • Russian: настолько
  • Spanish: tan
  • Swedish:
  • Thai: มาก
  • Turkish: çok
  • Ukrainian: такий
  • Vietnamese: quá


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