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[akɔʀ ]
masculine noun
1.  (entente, convention) agreement
être d’accord avec qn to agree with sb
se mettre d’accord to come to an agreement
mettre 2 personnes d’accord to make 2 people come to an agreement
d’un commun accord by common consentby mutual agreement
2.  (consentement) agreementconsent
donner son accord to give one’s consentto agree
être d’accord to agree
d’accord ! OK!all right!
3.  (Linguistics) agreement
4.  (entre des styles, tons) harmony
5.  (Music) chord
accord parfait (Music) tonic chord

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Example Sentences Including 'accord'

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Cela lui paraissait presque trop beau, en accord avec ma prédilection pour l'or et le rouge.
Grainville, Patrick Les anges et les faucons
La mairie avait donné un accord verbal, mais tout le monde restait prudent.
Arnaud, Georges-Jean Les moulins à nuages
On a d'ores et déjà un accord avec le Real, et le transfert peut être réglé en quelques minutes ", a -t-il ajouté.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2002)
Soucieuse de parvenir à un accord avec le ministre, elle prolonge inlassablement ses travaux.
Vous réussirez, sous l'influence de Mars, à conclure un accord satisfaisant, en faisant preuve de ténacité et de diplomatie.
Marie Claire

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'accord' in Other Languages

British English: agreement /əˈɡriːmənt/ NOUN
An agreement is a decision that two or more people, groups, or countries have made together.
...a legal agreement.
  • American English: agreement
  • Arabic: اِتِّفَاق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: acordo
  • Chinese: 协议
  • Croatian: dogovor
  • Czech: dohoda
  • Danish: aftale
  • Dutch: overeenkomst
  • European Spanish: acuerdo
  • Finnish: sopimus
  • French: accord
  • German: Vereinbarung
  • Greek: συμφωνία
  • Italian: contratto
  • Japanese: 同意
  • Korean: 동의
  • Norwegian: avtale
  • Polish: porozumienie
  • European Portuguese: acordo
  • Romanian: acord
  • Russian: соглашение
  • Spanish: acuerdo
  • Swedish: avtal
  • Thai: ข้อตกลง
  • Turkish: anlaşma
  • Ukrainian: угода
  • Vietnamese: sự thỏa thuận
British English: deal /diːl/ NOUN
If you make a deal, you agree to do something with somebody.
They made a deal not to talk about it.
  • American English: deal
  • Arabic: صَفْقَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: acordo
  • Chinese: 交易
  • Croatian: dogovor
  • Czech: obchod transakce
  • Danish: aftale
  • Dutch: deal
  • European Spanish: trato
  • Finnish: sopimus
  • French: accord
  • German: Abmachung
  • Greek: συμφωνία
  • Italian: accordo
  • Japanese: 取引
  • Korean: 거래
  • Norwegian: handel
  • Polish: zgoda
  • European Portuguese: acordo
  • Romanian: înțelegere
  • Russian: уговор
  • Spanish: trato
  • Swedish: affärsuppgörelse
  • Thai: ทำความตกลง
  • Turkish: anlaşma
  • Ukrainian: справа
  • Vietnamese: sự thỏa thuận
British English: accord NOUN
An accord between countries or groups of people is a formal agreement, for example to end a war.
...a fitting way to celebrate the peace accord.
British English: chord NOUN
A chord is a number of musical notes played or sung at the same time with a pleasing effect.
I could play a few chords on the guitar.
British English: settlement NOUN
A settlement is an official agreement between two sides who were involved in a conflict or argument.
Our objective must be to secure a peace settlement.


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