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[kɔʀypsjɔ̃ ]
feminine noun
1.  (dépravation) [de mœurs] corruption
(malhonnêteté) corruption
(moyen d’action) bribery
lutter contre la corruption to fight against corruption

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Example Sentences Including 'corruption'

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Ces conditions sont les suivantes: une bonne qualité institutionnelle, une faible inflation, une politique gouvernementale transparente et fiable, et un faible niveau de corruption.
Europarl Parallel Corpus
Il en va de même pour la lutte contre la corruption, que nous devons mener dans l'intérêt de nos concitoyens.
Europarl Parallel Corpus
Il y a des tendances séparatistes qui divisent le pays - le déchirent - et, par-dessus tout, il y a beaucoup de corruption.
Europarl Parallel Corpus
L’histoire de l’aide internationale à ces pays est malheureusement empreinte de gaspillage, de détournement de fonds et de corruption.
Europarl Parallel Corpus
Par exemple, il faut contrôler les niveaux de corruption des pays candidats.
Europarl Parallel Corpus

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'corruption' in Other Languages

British English: corruption /kəˈrʌpʃən/ NOUN
Corruption is dishonesty and illegal behaviour by people in positions of power.
The President was charged with corruption.
  • American English: corruption
  • Arabic: فَسَاد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: corrupção
  • Chinese: 腐败
  • Croatian: korupcija
  • Czech: korupce
  • Danish: korruption
  • Dutch: corruptie
  • European Spanish: corrupción
  • Finnish: korruptio
  • French: corruption
  • German: Korruption
  • Greek: διαφθορά
  • Italian: corruzione
  • Japanese: 腐敗行為
  • Korean: 타락
  • Norwegian: korrupsjon
  • Polish: korupcja
  • European Portuguese: corrupção
  • Romanian: corupție
  • Russian: коррупция
  • Spanish: corrupción
  • Swedish: korruption
  • Thai: การทุจริต
  • Turkish: yozlaşma
  • Ukrainian: корупція
  • Vietnamese: sự tham nhũng
British English: sleaze NOUN
You use sleaze to describe activities that you consider immoral, dishonest, or not respectable, especially in politics, business, journalism, or entertainment.
She claimed that an atmosphere of sleaze and corruption now surrounded the Government.
  • American English: sleaze
  • Brazilian Portuguese: degradação moral
  • Chinese: > 不名誉政治、商业、新闻或娱乐业中的
  • European Spanish: sordidez
  • French: corruption
  • German: Skandale
  • Italian: malcostume
  • Japanese: 低俗さ
  • Korean: 추잡함
  • European Portuguese: degradação moral
  • Spanish: sordidez


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