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[diskʀɛ ]
Word forms: discret, discrète
1.  [personne] discreet
2.  (figurative)
[musique, style] unobtrusive
[endroit] quiet

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Example Sentences Including 'discret'

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C'est l'objet, discret, des réductions collectives de peine.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2002)
C'était le 9 novembre, dans un pavillon discret de Matignon.
Le Monde (2002)
Des volets d'un beau vert tendre et discret relevaient la sévérité des murs dont les pierres étaient à nu.
Grainville, Patrick Les anges et les faucons
Les dégonflés le font parce que c'est ainsi plus discret, et plus rapide.
Merle, Pierre Le blues de l'argot
Mais non, personne n'avait prêté attention à ce petit homme discret.
Colombier, Jean Béloni

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'discret' in Other Languages

British English: discreet ADJECTIVE
If you are discreet, you are polite and careful in what you do or say.
They were gossipy and not always discreet.
British English: low-key ADJECTIVE
If you say that something is low-key, you mean that it is on a small scale rather than involving a lot of activity or being made to seem impressive or important.
The wedding will be a very low-key affair.
British English: understated ADJECTIVE
If you describe a style, colour, or effect as understated, you mean that it is simple and plain, and does not attract attention to itself.
I have always liked understated clothes.
British English: unobtrusive ADJECTIVE
If you describe something or someone as unobtrusive, you mean that they are not easily noticed or do not draw attention to themselves.
The coffee-table is glass, to be as unobtrusive as possible.


Translation of discret from the Collins French to English
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