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English translation of 'en bas'

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en bas

[regarder, jeter] down
; [placer] at the bottom
; (dans une maison) downstairs
Ça me donne le vertige de regarder en bas. I get dizzy if I look down.
Son nom est tout en bas. His name is right at the bottom.
Elle habite en bas. She lives downstairs.

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Example Sentences Including 'en bas'

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Car la France d'en bas, chère au Premier ministre, est aussi et surtout celle des charrettes et des plans sociaux.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2003)
Elle me dit de descendre et je l'attendis en bas'dans un jardin où elle me rejoignit bientôt.
Sollers, Philippe Une curieuse solitude
J'étais au cinquième niveau, toute seule, je fermais les cellules, certains prenaient encore leur douche en bas.
Marie Claire
Les secousses de la jument faisaient que mes bras croisés caressaient dans un mouvement de haut en bas son ventre ferme.
Ben Jelloun, Tahar La nuit sacrée
Pourtant, la situation avait l'air de plaire et la France d'en bas, comme celle d'en haut, se pâmait d'aise.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2002)

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'en bas' in Other Languages

British English: down /daʊn/ ADVERB
When something moves down, it goes from a higher place to a lower place.
She came down the stairs.
  • American English: down
  • Arabic: إِلَى أَسْفَل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: abaixo
  • Chinese: 向下
  • Croatian: dolje
  • Czech: dole
  • Danish: ned
  • Dutch: omlaag
  • European Spanish: abajo
  • Finnish: alas
  • French: en bas
  • German: hinunter
  • Greek: κάτω
  • Italian: giù
  • Japanese: 下へ
  • Korean: 아래로
  • Norwegian: ned
  • Polish: na dole
  • European Portuguese: para baixo
  • Romanian: jos
  • Russian: вниз
  • Spanish: abajo
  • Swedish: ner
  • Thai: ลง
  • Turkish: aşağıda
  • Ukrainian: вниз
  • Vietnamese: xuống dưới
British English: downstairs /ˈdaʊnˈstɛəz/ ADJECTIVE
Downstairs means situated on the ground floor of a building or on a lower floor than you are.
She repainted the downstairs rooms and closed off the second floor.
  • American English: downstairs
  • Arabic: سُفْليّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: do andar de baixo
  • Chinese: 楼下的
  • Croatian: donji
  • Czech: přízemní dolní
  • Danish: nedenunder
  • Dutch: beneden
  • European Spanish: abajo
  • Finnish: alakerran
  • French: en bas
  • German: unten
  • Greek: στο κάτω πάτωμα
  • Italian: di sotto
  • Japanese: 階下の
  • Korean: 아래층의
  • Norwegian: nedenunder
  • Polish: na dole
  • European Portuguese: no andar de baixo
  • Romanian: parter
  • Russian: расположенный в нижнем этаже
  • Spanish: piso de abajo
  • Swedish: på nedervåningen
  • Thai: ชั้นล่าง
  • Turkish: alt kat
  • Ukrainian: нижній
  • Vietnamese: ở dưới nhà
British English: downstairs /ˈdaʊnˈstɛəz/ ADVERB
If you go downstairs in a building, you go down a staircase towards the ground floor.
She went downstairs and made some tea.
  • American English: downstairs
  • Arabic: سُفْليّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: descer as escadas
  • Chinese: 在楼下
  • Croatian: dolje
  • Czech: dolů po schodech
  • Danish: nedenunder
  • Dutch: naar beneden
  • European Spanish: abajo
  • Finnish: alakerrassa
  • French: en bas
  • German: nach unten
  • Greek: προς το κάτω πάτωμα
  • Italian: al piano inferiore
  • Japanese: 階下へ
  • Korean: 아래층에
  • Norwegian: ned
  • Polish: na dół
  • European Portuguese: descer as escadas
  • Romanian: parter
  • Russian: внизу
  • Spanish: en el piso de abajo
  • Swedish: nedför trappan
  • Thai: ลงข้างล่าง
  • Turkish: alt katta
  • Ukrainian: вниз
  • Vietnamese: ở dưới nhà
British English: low /ləʊ/ ADVERB
If someone or something does something low, they do it close to the ground.
The planes were flying low overhead.
  • American English: low
  • Arabic: مُنْخَفِضاً
  • Brazilian Portuguese: baixo
  • Chinese: 低下地
  • Croatian: nisko
  • Czech: nízko
  • Danish: lavt
  • Dutch: laag
  • European Spanish: bajo
  • Finnish: alhaalla
  • French: en bas
  • German: tief
  • Greek: χαμηλά
  • Italian: basso
  • Japanese: 低く
  • Korean: 낮게
  • Norwegian: lavt
  • Polish: nisko
  • European Portuguese: baixo
  • Romanian: jos
  • Russian: низко
  • Spanish: bajo ruin, malo
  • Swedish: lågt
  • Thai: ต่ำ
  • Turkish: aşağı konum
  • Ukrainian: низько
  • Vietnamese: dưới thấp


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