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[ɑ̃seɲe ]
Verb Table transitive verb
enseigner qch à qn to teach sb sth
enseigner à qn que to teach sb that
Mon père enseigne les maths dans un lycée. My father teaches maths in a secondary school.
Verb Table intransitive verb
to teach

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Example Sentences Including 'enseigner'

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Bref il n'a jamais été question de savoir si j'aimerais enseigner à des gosses.
Duneton, Claude Je suis comme une truie qui doute
Bruno Jegou continue d'enseigner les deux, " parce que c'est indispensable ".
Le Monde (2000)
Il a d'abord enseigné à l'Université de Nancy-II puis de Dijon avant d'intégrer Paris-Dauphine en 1990 pour y enseigner la gestion.
Le Monde (2000)
Il faut lui enseigner ce que parler mathématiques veut dire.
Marie Claire
Il part enseigner en 1952 au lycée de garçons de Constantine.
Le Monde (1998)

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'enseigner' in Other Languages

British English: lecture /ˈlɛktʃə/ VERB
If you lecture on a particular subject, you give a lecture or a series of lectures about it.
He was then invited to lecture on the history of art.
  • American English: lecture
  • Arabic: يُحَاضِرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: palestrar
  • Chinese: 讲课
  • Croatian: predavati
  • Czech: přednášet
  • Danish: forelæse
  • Dutch: lezing geven
  • European Spanish: dar una conferencia
  • Finnish: luennoida
  • French: enseigner
  • German: vortragen
  • Greek: δίνω διάλεξη
  • Italian: tenere conferenze
  • Japanese: 講義をする
  • Korean: 강의하다
  • Norwegian: forelese
  • Polish: wyłożyć
  • European Portuguese: dar uma palestra
  • Romanian: a ține un curs
  • Russian: читать лекцию
  • Spanish: dar una conferencia
  • Swedish: föreläsa
  • Thai: บรรยาย
  • Turkish: ders vermek
  • Ukrainian: читати лекцію
  • Vietnamese: giảng bài
British English: teach /tiːtʃ/ VERB
If you teach someone something, you give them instructions so that they know about it or know how to do it.
His father had taught him how to ride a horse.
  • American English: teach
  • Arabic: يُعَلِّمُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ensinar
  • Chinese: 讲授
  • Croatian: podučavati
  • Czech: učit
  • Danish: lære instruere
  • Dutch: onderwijzen
  • European Spanish: enseñar
  • Finnish: opettaa
  • French: enseigner
  • German: lehren
  • Greek: διδάσκω
  • Italian: insegnare
  • Japanese: 教える
  • Korean: 가르치다
  • Norwegian: undervise
  • Polish: nauczyć
  • European Portuguese: ensinar
  • Romanian: a învăța
  • Russian: учить
  • Spanish: enseñar
  • Swedish: undervisa
  • Thai: สอน
  • Turkish: öğretmek
  • Ukrainian: навчати
  • Vietnamese: dạy học


Translation of enseigner from the Collins French to English
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