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[file ]
Verb Table transitive verb
1.  [laine, verre] to spin
filer un mauvais coton (figurative) to be in a bad way
2.  (prendre en filature) to shadowto tail
3.  (informal) (donner)
filer qch à qn to give sb sth
File-moi une clope. Give us (informal) a fag.
4.  (Navy) (dérouler) [câble, amarre] to pay outto let out
Verb Table intransitive verb
1.  (aller vite) to speed
Les voitures filent sur l’autoroute. Cars are speeding along the motorway.
2.  (partir) to make off
file dans ta chambre ! off to your room with you!
filer à l’anglaise to take French leave
3.  [bas, maille, liquide, pâte] to run
filer doux to behave toe the line

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Example Sentences Including 'filer'

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Ce jour -là, j'aurais dû comprendre et filer encore plus vite que le crabe, concluait le vieux monsieur tout pétillant.
Salacrou, Laurence L'ombre d'un roi
Communiquer pour communiquer, tout en laissant filer les déficits, n'est pas une politique.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2003)
La fête était finie, plus question de filer chez Régine, ce qui ne me dérangeait guère, mon sort n'ayant pas encore été fixé.
Colombier, Jean Béloni
Les Soviétiques en donnent même à leurs astronautes pour leur filer la pêche sous les étoiles.
Mais une police mal récompensée peut vous filer entre les doigts.
Léauthier, André & Ploquin, Frédéric Les flics, 120 000 inconnus
Se lançant dans une politique agressive de développement, il a multiplié les acquisitions et laissé filer son endettement.
Le Monde (2001)
Une fois, seulement, des militaires leur demandent où ils vont, notent leurs noms sur un registre, mais les laissent filer.
Le Monde (2000)

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'filer' in Other Languages

British English: bolt VERB
If a person or animal bolts, they suddenly start to run very fast, often because something has frightened them.
The animal rose squealing and bolted.
  • American English: bolt
  • Brazilian Portuguese: disparar
  • Chinese: 突然快跑因受惊吓
  • European Spanish: salir disparado
  • French: filer
  • German: weglaufen
  • Italian: scappare via
  • Japanese: 急に駆け出す
  • Korean: 갑자기 달아나다
  • European Portuguese: disparar
  • Spanish: salir disparado
British English: scurry VERB
When people or small animals scurry somewhere, they move there quickly and hurriedly, especially because they are frightened.
The heavy rain sent residents scurrying for cover.
  • American English: scurry
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sair correndo
  • Chinese: > 急促跑尤指因受惊而
  • European Spanish: escabullirse
  • French: filer
  • German: eilen
  • Italian: correre
  • Japanese: あわてて走る
  • Korean: 허둥지둥 달리다
  • European Portuguese: sair a correr
  • Spanish: escabullirse
British English: swish VERB
If something swishes or if you swish it, it moves quickly through the air, making a soft sound.
A car swished by heading for the coast.
  • American English: swish
  • Brazilian Portuguese: abanar
  • Chinese: 嗖地快速移动
  • European Spanish: silbar
  • French: filer
  • German: rauschen
  • Italian: sibilare
  • Japanese: ひゅうっと音を立てて動かす/ひゅうっと動く
  • Korean: 휙 소리내며 지나가다
  • European Portuguese: abanar
  • Spanish: silbar
British English: tail VERB
To tail someone means to follow close behind them and watch where they go and what they do.
Officers had tailed the gang during a major undercover inquiry.
  • American English: tail
  • Brazilian Portuguese: seguir bem de perto
  • Chinese: 跟踪
  • European Spanish: seguir
  • French: filer
  • German: folgen
  • Italian: pedinare
  • Japanese: 尾行する
  • Korean: 미행하다
  • European Portuguese: seguir bem de perto
  • Spanish: seguir
British English: whizz VERB
If something whizzes somewhere, it moves there very fast.
He felt a bottle whizz past his head.
  • American English: whiz
  • Brazilian Portuguese: zunir
  • Chinese: 嗖嗖地快速移动
  • European Spanish: pasar volando
  • French: filer
  • German: flitzen
  • Italian: sfrecciare
  • Japanese: ブーンと音を立てて動く
  • Korean: 홱 하고 움직이다
  • European Portuguese: zunir
  • Spanish: pasar volando


Translation of filer from the Collins French to English
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