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[fʀape ]
Verb Table transitive verb
1.  (battre, taper) to hitto strike
Il l’a frappée au visage. He hit her in the face.
frapper un grand coup (figurative) to strike a blow
2.  (étonner) to strike
Son air fatigué m’a frappé. I was struck by how tired he looked.
3.  [monnaie] to strike
Verb Table intransitive verb
1.  (en arrivant chez qn)
frapper à la porte to knock at the door
« entrez sans frapper » “go in without knocking”
2.  (taper)
frapper du poing sur qch to bang one’s fist on sth
frapper du poing sur la table (se mettre en colère) to bang one’s fist on the table
frapper dans ses mains (applaudir, battre la mesure) to clap
3.  (commettre un méfait)
L’assassin a encore frappé. The killer has struck again.
4.  (Football) (tirer) to shoot
frapper au but to shoot at goal
see also se frapper

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Example Sentences Including 'frapper'

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A la façon de frapper, d'ouvrir la porte, il savait si c'était l'une ou l'autre.
Arnaud, Georges-Jean Les moulins à nuages
Bib, inquiet de voir la maladie frapper si près de lui, se demande s'il ne va pas y pas ser lui aussi.
Collectif (Edel, Patrick & Wolfram, Bernard) Carnets d'aventures, Spécial, 2/1989
Certes, George W. Bush peut en décider autrement et frapper tout de suite.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2003)
Elle n'est jamais qu'un spectre de centaines de milliers de photons aux fréquences variées, venus frapper votre rétine.
Il s'est détaché du réservoir externe de Columbia au décollage, pour venir frapper l'aile gauche de la navette.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2003)

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'frapper' in Other Languages

British English: bash /bæʃ/ VERB
If you bash someone or something, you hit them hard in a rough way.
I bashed him on the head.
  • American English: bash
  • Arabic: يَضْرِبُ بِعُنْف
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bater
  • Chinese: 猛击
  • Croatian: snažno udariti
  • Czech: praštit
  • Danish: banke
  • Dutch: beuken
  • European Spanish: golpear
  • Finnish: pamauttaa
  • French: frapper
  • German: schlagen
  • Greek: συντρίβω
  • Italian: colpire con violenza
  • Japanese: 強打する
  • Korean: 강타하다
  • Norwegian: banke
  • Polish: walnąć
  • European Portuguese: bater
  • Romanian: a lovi
  • Russian: избивать
  • Spanish: golpear
  • Swedish: slå smälla till
  • Thai: ทุบหรือตีอย่างแรง
  • Turkish: şiddetle vurmak
  • Ukrainian: сильно бити
  • Vietnamese: đập mạnh
British English: beat /biːt/ VERB
hit If you beat something, you keep hitting it.
He beat the drum with a stick.
  • American English: beat strike
  • Arabic: يَنْبِضُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bater
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: tući
  • Czech: bít
  • Danish: slå
  • Dutch: slaan
  • European Spanish: golpear
  • Finnish: lyödä
  • French: frapper
  • German: schlagen
  • Greek: χτυπώ
  • Italian: battere
  • Japanese: 続けざまに打つ
  • Korean: 때리다
  • Norwegian: slå
  • Polish: pobić
  • European Portuguese: bater
  • Romanian: a bate
  • Russian: бить
  • Spanish: golpear
  • Swedish: slå smälla till
  • Thai: ตี
  • Turkish: dövmek
  • Ukrainian: бити
  • Vietnamese: đánh đập
British English: knock /nɒk/ VERB
If you knock on something such as a door or window, you hit it, usually several times, to attract someone's attention.
She went directly to Simon's apartment and knocked on the door.
  • American English: knock
  • Arabic: يَخْبِطُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bater
  • Chinese: 敲打
  • Croatian: kucati
  • Czech: udeřit
  • Danish: banke
  • Dutch: kloppen op deuren
  • European Spanish: darse un golpe
  • Finnish: koputtaa
  • French: frapper
  • German: stoßen
  • Greek: βαράω
  • Italian: bussare
  • Japanese: たたく
  • Korean: 두드리다
  • Norwegian: banke
  • Polish: zapukać
  • European Portuguese: bater
  • Romanian: a ciocăni
  • Russian: стучать
  • Spanish: dar un golpe
  • Swedish: knacka
  • Thai: เคาะ
  • Turkish: kapıyı çalmak
  • Ukrainian: стукати
  • Vietnamese: đập cửa
British English: strike /straɪk/ VERB
If you strike someone or something, you deliberately hit them.
She took a step forward and struck him across the face.
  • American English: strike
  • Arabic: يَضْرِبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bater em
  • Chinese: 打击
  • Croatian: udariti
  • Czech: udeřit někoho
  • Danish: slå
  • Dutch: slaan van vlag
  • European Spanish: golpear
  • Finnish: lyödä
  • French: frapper
  • German: schlagen
  • Greek: πλήττω χτυπώ
  • Italian: colpire
  • Japanese: 打つ
  • Korean: ...을 치다 치다
  • Norwegian: slå
  • Polish: uderzyć
  • European Portuguese: bater em
  • Romanian: a lovi
  • Russian: нападать
  • Spanish: golpear
  • Swedish: slå smälla till
  • Thai: ตี ดีด ปะทะ
  • Turkish: vurmak
  • Ukrainian: бити
  • Vietnamese: đập mạnh
British English: strike /straɪk/ VERB
hit To strike someone or something means to attack them or to affect them, quickly and violently.
The killer says he will strike again.
A powerful earthquake struck the island last night.
  • American English: strike attack
  • Arabic: يَضْرِبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: atacar
  • Chinese: 打击
  • Croatian: štrajkati
  • Czech: postihnout neštěstí
  • Danish: slå til
  • Dutch: toeslaan
  • European Spanish: asestar un golpe
  • Finnish: olla lakossa
  • French: frapper
  • German: streiken
  • Greek: απεργώ
  • Italian: scioperare
  • Japanese: ストライキをする
  • Korean: 동맹 파업을 하다
  • Norwegian: streike
  • Polish: zastrajkować
  • European Portuguese: estar em greve
  • Romanian: a lovi
  • Russian: бить
  • Spanish: hacer huelga
  • Swedish: strejka
  • Thai: หยุดงานประท้วง
  • Turkish: grev yapmak
  • Ukrainian: нападати
  • Vietnamese: đánh
British English: clout VERB
If you clout someone, you hit them.
He clouted him woth a baseball bat.
  • American English: clout
  • Brazilian Portuguese: esbofetear
  • Chinese:
  • European Spanish: dar un tortazo a
  • French: frapper
  • German: schlagen
  • Italian: colpire
  • Japanese: 殴る
  • Korean: 때리다
  • European Portuguese: bater
  • Spanish: dar un tortazo a
British English: rap VERB
hit If you rap on something or rap it, you hit it with a series of quick blows.
She turned and rapped on his door.
  • American English: rap
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bater repetidamente
  • Chinese: 急速敲打
  • European Spanish: dar golpes
  • French: frapper
  • German: klopfen
  • Italian: picchiare
  • Japanese: トントン叩く
  • Korean: 연속해서 두드리다
  • European Portuguese: bater repetidamente
  • Spanish: dar golpes
British English: swipe VERB
If you swipe at a person or thing, you try to hit them with a stick or other object, making a swinging movement with your arm.
She swiped at him as though he was a fly.
  • American English: swipe
  • Brazilian Portuguese: acertar com um objeto
  • Chinese: 抡打
  • European Spanish: golpear
  • French: frapper
  • German: schlagen
  • Italian: cercare di colpire
  • Japanese: ぶん殴る
  • Korean: 후려치다
  • European Portuguese: acertar com um objeto
  • Spanish: golpear


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