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[pʀɔpʀijete ]
feminine noun
1.  (droit) ownership
2.  (objet, immeuble, résidence, terres) property (usually no pl)
3.  (qualité) property
4.  (Chemistry, Mathematics) property
5.  (correction) appropriatenesssuitability

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Example Sentences Including 'propriété'

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Dans ces quatre-vingts logements en accès à la propriété vivent trente-sept familles africaines, dont vingt-sept polygames.
Marie Claire
Dans la propriété, pour distraire maman des interrogatoires et des tracasseries, je jouais des heures sur le piano droit du petit salon.
Ergal, Yves-Michel L'offrande musicale
Ils ont créé la propriété collective des moyens de production.
Ziegler, Jean Retournez les fusils ! Manuel de sociologie d'opposition
J'imagine qu'un silence encore plus grand s'installe dans la propriété.
Ergal, Yves-Michel L'offrande musicale
Tour des Chênes rouge 1999 : 32 F (4, 88 euros) TTC la bouteille (prix départ propriété).
Le Monde (2001)

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'propriété' in Other Languages

British English: estate /ɪˈsteɪt/ NOUN
An estate is a large area of land in the country owned by one person or organization.
He spent the holidays at the 300-acre estate of his aunt and uncle.
  • American English: estate
  • Arabic: عِزْبَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: estado de um país
  • Chinese: 庄园
  • Croatian: imanje
  • Czech: statek
  • Danish: ejendom
  • Dutch: landgoed
  • European Spanish: finca situación
  • Finnish: kartano
  • French: propriété
  • German: Landsitz
  • Greek: κτήμα
  • Italian: proprietà
  • Japanese: 地所
  • Korean: 부동산
  • Norwegian: eiendom
  • Polish: posiadłość
  • European Portuguese: propriedade de um país
  • Romanian: proprietateimobiliare
  • Russian: поместье
  • Spanish: estado organización política
  • Swedish: gods herrgård
  • Thai: ทรัพย์สินที่ดิน
  • Turkish: malikane
  • Ukrainian: маєток
  • Vietnamese: bất động sản
British English: property /ˈprɒpətɪ/ NOUN
belongings Someone's property consists of all the things that belong to them, or something that belongs to them.
...stolen property.
  • American English: property
  • Arabic: مُلْكِيَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: propriedade
  • Chinese: 财产
  • Croatian: vlasništvo
  • Czech: vlastnictví
  • Danish: ejendom
  • Dutch: bezit
  • European Spanish: propiedad
  • Finnish: omaisuus
  • French: propriété
  • German: Eigentum
  • Greek: περιουσία
  • Italian: proprietà
  • Japanese: 所有物
  • Korean: 재산
  • Norwegian: eiendom
  • Polish: własność
  • European Portuguese: propriedade
  • Romanian: proprietate
  • Russian: собственность
  • Spanish: propiedad
  • Swedish: egendom
  • Thai: ทรัพย์สมบัติ
  • Turkish: mülk
  • Ukrainian: власність
  • Vietnamese: tài sản
British English: property NOUN
building A property is a building and the land belonging to it.
She inherited a family property.


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