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[sape ]
Verb Table transitive verb
to undermineto sap
see also se saper

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Example Sentences Including 'saper'

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Cela ne ferait que saper son objectif de faire de la Serbie une nation moderne et démocratique.
Le Monde (2000)
Le personnel du quartier général a posé des questions à la limite du ridicule dans sa détermination manifeste à saper ces probabilités.
Le Monde (2002)
Quelle vanité, quelle inconscience la poussent -elles a indiquer a ses concurrents la voie a suivre pour saper son propre monopole ?
Arnaud, Jean-François Le siècle de la communication

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'saper' in Other Languages

British English: sap VERB
If something saps your strength or confidence, it gradually weakens or destroys it.
I was afraid the sickness had sapped my strength.
  • American English: sap
  • Brazilian Portuguese: minar
  • Chinese: 消耗
  • European Spanish: minar
  • French: saper
  • German: zehren an
  • Italian: indebolire
  • Japanese: 活力を失わせる
  • Korean: > 빼다기력 등을
  • European Portuguese: minar
  • Spanish: minar
British English: undermine VERB
If you undermine something such as a feeling or a system, you make it less strong or less secure than it was before, often by a gradual process or by repeated efforts.
Offering advice on each and every problem will undermine her feeling of being adult.
  • American English: undermine
  • Brazilian Portuguese: minar
  • Chinese: 逐渐削弱
  • European Spanish: minar
  • French: saper
  • German: unterhöhlen
  • Italian: minare
  • Japanese: 傷つける
  • Korean: 약화시키다
  • European Portuguese: minar
  • Spanish: minar

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Translation of saper from the Collins French to English
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