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[suʀiʀ ]
masculine noun
faire un sourire à qn to smile at sbto give sb a smile
garder le sourire to keep smiling
Verb Table intransitive verb
1.  [personne] to smile
faire sourire qn to make sb smile
sourire à qn to smile at sb
2.  (figurative) [chance] to smile on sb

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Example Sentences Including 'sourire'

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Ce réajustement, dû à la blessure du défenseur marseillais, devrait sourire à Philippe Christanval.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2002)
Cochet préconise un deuxième jour Une querelle intestine qui n'a pas manqué de faire sourire la gauche.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2003)
En fait, c'est lui qui m'a soufflé ce truc -là (sourire).
Marie Claire
J'avais besoin de sa présence, de sa sagesse, de son sourire stoïque pour m'accompagner au seuil des choses.
Grainville, Patrick Les anges et les faucons
Jean-Paul eut un drôle de sourire et baissa aussitôt la tête.
Dangerfield, Yves & Girod, Francis L'enfance de l'art
Paco s'encadre dans le chambranle, un large sourire aux lèvres.
Le Monde (2001)

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'sourire' in Other Languages

British English: grin /ɡrɪn/ NOUN
A grin is a broad smile.
She had a big grin on her face.
  • American English: grin
  • Arabic: ابْتِسامَة عَريضَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sorriso largo
  • Chinese: 露齿笑
  • Croatian: osmijeh
  • Czech: škleb
  • Danish: grin
  • Dutch: grijns
  • European Spanish: sonrisa burlona
  • Finnish: virnistys
  • French: sourire
  • German: Grinsen
  • Greek: πλατύ χαμόγελο
  • Italian: ghigno
  • Japanese: にこにこ笑い
  • Korean: 싱긋 웃음
  • Norwegian: glis smil
  • Polish: grymas
  • European Portuguese: sorriso rasgado
  • Romanian: rânjet
  • Russian: усмешка
  • Spanish: amplia sonrisa
  • Swedish: flin
  • Thai: การยิ้มอย่างเปิดเผย
  • Turkish: sırıtış
  • Ukrainian: усмішка
  • Vietnamese: miệng cười toe toét
British English: grin /ɡrɪn/ VERB
When you grin, you smile broadly.
He grins, delighted at the memory.
  • American English: grin
  • Arabic: يَبْتَسِم ابْتِسامَة عَريضَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sorrir arreganhando
  • Chinese: 露齿而笑
  • Croatian: smiješiti se
  • Czech: zubit se
  • Danish: grine
  • Dutch: grijnzen
  • European Spanish: sonreír burla
  • Finnish: virnistää
  • French: sourire
  • German: grinsen
  • Greek: χαμογελώ ειρωνικά
  • Italian: sorridere
  • Japanese: 歯を見せてにっこり笑う
  • Korean: 싱긋 웃다
  • Norwegian: flire
  • Polish: uśmiechnąć się szeroko
  • European Portuguese: sorrir arreganhando
  • Romanian: a rânji
  • Russian: ухмыляться
  • Spanish: sonreír
  • Swedish: flina
  • Thai: ยิ้มยิงฟัน
  • Turkish: sırıtmak
  • Ukrainian: посміхатися
  • Vietnamese: cười toe toét
British English: smile /smaɪl/ NOUN
A smile is the expression that you have on your face when you smile.
She gave a wry smile.
  • American English: smile
  • Arabic: ابْتِسَامَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sorriso
  • Chinese: 微笑
  • Croatian: osmijeh
  • Czech: úsměv
  • Danish: smil
  • Dutch: glimlach
  • European Spanish: sonrisa
  • Finnish: hymy
  • French: sourire
  • German: Lächeln
  • Greek: χαμόγελο
  • Italian: sorriso
  • Japanese: ほほ笑み
  • Korean: 미소
  • Norwegian: smil
  • Polish: uśmiech
  • European Portuguese: sorriso
  • Romanian: zâmbet
  • Russian: улыбка
  • Spanish: sonrisa
  • Swedish: leende
  • Thai: รอยยิ้ม
  • Turkish: gülümseme
  • Ukrainian: посмішка
  • Vietnamese: nụ cười
British English: smile /smaɪl/ VERB
When you smile, the corners of your mouth curve up and you sometimes show your teeth. People smile when they are pleased or amused, or when they are being friendly.
When he saw me, he smiled and waved.
  • American English: smile
  • Arabic: يَبْتَسِمُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sorrir
  • Chinese: 微笑
  • Croatian: smiješiti se
  • Czech: usmát se
  • Danish: smile
  • Dutch: glimlachen
  • European Spanish: sonreír gozo
  • Finnish: hymyillä
  • French: sourire
  • German: lächeln
  • Greek: χαμογελώ
  • Italian: sorridere
  • Japanese: ほほ笑む
  • Korean: 미소를 짓다
  • Norwegian: smile
  • Polish: uśmiechnąć się
  • European Portuguese: sorrir
  • Romanian: a zâmbi
  • Russian: улыбаться
  • Spanish: sonreír
  • Swedish: le
  • Thai: ยิ้ม
  • Turkish: gülümsemek
  • Ukrainian: посміхатися
  • Vietnamese: mỉm cười


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