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[tape ]
Verb Table transitive verb
1.  (frapper)
[personne] to hit
Maman, il m’a tapé ! Mum, he hit me!
[sol, mur] to hit
taper un coup à la porte to knock once at the door
2.  (dactylographier) [lettre, document] to typeto type out
Je vais taper cette lettre. I’m going to type this letter.I’m going to type this letter out.
3.  (sur ordinateur)
[mot, code] to key into type in
[lettre, document] to typeto key
Tapez votre mot de passe et validez. Key in your password and validate.Type in your password and validate.
4.  (composer) [numéro de téléphone] to dial
tapez 1825 dial 1825
5.  (informal) (emprunter)
taper qn de 10 euros to cadge 10 euros off sb (informal)
Verb Table intransitive verb
1.  [soleil] to beat down
Le soleil tape. The sun’s really beating down.
taper à la machine to type
Tu sais taper à la machine ? Can you type?
taper sur qn (literal) to thump sbto hit sb; (figurative) (critiquer) to run sb down
taper sur qch [clou] to hit sth; [table] to bang on sth
taper à la porte to knock on the door
taper des mains to clap one’s hands
taper des pieds to stamp one’s feet
5.  (informal) (se servir)
taper dans to dig into
see also se taper

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Example Sentences Including 'taper'

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Etre face à Jean-Paul, lui sourire, lui taper dans le dos, ça, c'est quand même impossible.
Dangerfield, Yves & Girod, Francis L'enfance de l'art
Il a profité de son actuelle position de supériorité pour taper du poing sur la table.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2003)
Il se faisait taper sur les doigts et répétait ce que lui demandait son patron.
Le Monde (1998)
Que les immensités de glace et de neige finissent par taper sur le système.
Le Monde (1997)

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'taper' in Other Languages

British English: slap /slæp/ VERB
If you slap someone, you hit them with the palm of your hand.
He would push or slap her once in a while.
  • American English: slap
  • Arabic: يُصْفِعُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dar uma tapa em
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: pljusnuti
  • Czech: plácat rukou
  • Danish: give lussing
  • Dutch: meppen
  • European Spanish: pegar una bofetada
  • Finnish: läpsäyttää
  • French: taper frapper
  • German: schlagen Person
  • Greek: χαστουκίζω
  • Italian: schiaffeggiare
  • Japanese: ピシャリと打つ
  • Korean: 찰싹 때리다
  • Norwegian: klaske
  • Polish: dać klapsa
  • European Portuguese: dar uma bofetada
  • Romanian: a pălmui
  • Russian: шлепать
  • Spanish: pegar una bofetada
  • Swedish: slå örfila
  • Thai: ตบ
  • Turkish: tokatlamak
  • Ukrainian: ляскати
  • Vietnamese: tát
British English: type /taɪp/ VERB
If you type something, you write it with a machine, for example a computer.
She typed a letter.
I never really learnt to type properly.
  • American English: type
  • Arabic: يَطْبَعُ عَلَى الآلَةِ الكَاتِبَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: digitar
  • Chinese: 打字
  • Croatian: tipkati
  • Czech: psát na stroji
  • Danish: maskinskrive
  • Dutch: typen
  • European Spanish: teclear
  • Finnish: kirjoittaa koneella
  • French: taper ordinateur
  • German: tippen
  • Greek: δακτυλογραφώ
  • Italian: scrivere a macchina
  • Japanese: タイプする
  • Korean: 타이핑하다
  • Norwegian: skrive på maskin
  • Polish: napisać
  • European Portuguese: digitar
  • Romanian: a dactilografia
  • Russian: печатать
  • Spanish: teclear
  • Swedish: skriva maskin
  • Thai: พิมพ์
  • Turkish: yazmak daktilo/bilgisayar
  • Ukrainian: набирати текст
  • Vietnamese: đánh máy
British English: bum VERB
If you bum something off someone, you ask them for it and they give it to you.
Mind if I bum a cigarette?
  • American English: bum
  • Brazilian Portuguese: filar
  • Chinese: 讨要
  • European Spanish: gorronear (algo a alguien)
  • French: taper
  • German: schnorren
  • Italian: scroccare
  • Japanese: ねだる
  • Korean: 빌리다
  • European Portuguese: cravar
  • Spanish: gorronear(algo a alguien)
British English: scrounge VERB
If you say that someone scrounges something such as food or money, you disapprove of them because they get it by asking for it, rather than by buying it or earning it.
He had to scrounge enough money to get his car out of the car park.
His only food was what he could scrounge.


Translation of taper from the Collins French to English
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