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[valid ]
1.  [personne] fitable-bodied
2.  [passeport] valid

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Example Sentences Including 'valide'

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Ensuite, vient le passage devant le jury, qui l'autorise à se présenter au BTS et valide la moitié des épreuves.
Le Monde (2000)
La main valide qui lui reste écrase une cigarette blonde puis actionne la marche avant de son fauteuil roulant.
Marie Claire
Mais l'office fédéral de la police helvétique ne le diffuse pas, estimant le mandat d'arrêt non valide.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2002)

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'valide' in Other Languages

British English: valid /ˈvælɪd/ ADJECTIVE
A valid reason or argument is logical and reasonable, and therefore worth taking seriously.
He recognized the valid points that both sides were making.
  • American English: valid
  • Arabic: صَالِح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: válido
  • Chinese: 有效的
  • Croatian: valjan
  • Czech: přesvědčivý
  • Danish: gyldig
  • Dutch: geldig
  • European Spanish: válido
  • Finnish: voimassaoleva
  • French: valide
  • German: berechtigt
  • Greek: έγκυρος
  • Italian: valido
  • Japanese: 正当な
  • Korean: 정당한
  • Norwegian: gyldig
  • Polish: ważny uzasadniony
  • European Portuguese: válido
  • Romanian: valid
  • Russian: действительный
  • Spanish: válido
  • Swedish: giltig
  • Thai: มีผลบังคับใช้
  • Turkish: geçerli
  • Ukrainian: вагомий
  • Vietnamese: có giá trị
British English: able-bodied ADJECTIVE
An able-bodied person is physically strong and healthy, rather than weak or unfit.
Make sure that every able-bodied person contributes to the housework.
  • American English: able-bodied
  • Brazilian Portuguese: são
  • Chinese: 体格健全的
  • European Spanish: sin discapacidad
  • French: valide
  • German: körperlich gesund
  • Italian: sano
  • Japanese: 健常の
  • Korean: 신체 건강한
  • European Portuguese: são
  • Spanish: sin discapacidad


Translation of valide from the Collins French to English
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