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English translation of 'Welpe'

Word Frequency


[ˈvɛlpə ]
masculine nounWord forms: Welpen genitive , Welpen plural
[von Wolf, Fuchs] cub

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Trends of 'Welpe'

Used Rarely. Welpe is in the lower 50% of commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

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'Welpe' in Other Languages

British English: puppy /ˈpʌpɪ/ NOUN
A puppy is a young dog.
  • American English: puppy
  • Arabic: جَرُو
  • Brazilian Portuguese: filhote de cachorro
  • Chinese: 小狗
  • Croatian: štene
  • Czech: štěně
  • Danish: hundehvalp
  • Dutch: puppy
  • European Spanish: cachorro perro
  • Finnish: koiranpentu
  • French: chiot
  • German: Welpe
  • Greek: κουτάβι
  • Italian: cucciolo
  • Japanese: 子犬
  • Korean: 강아지
  • Norwegian: valp
  • Polish: szczeniak
  • European Portuguese: cachorro
  • Romanian: cățel
  • Russian: щенок
  • Spanish: cachorro
  • Swedish: valp
  • Thai: ลูกสุนัข
  • Turkish: yavru köpek
  • Ukrainian: цуценя
  • Vietnamese: chó con
British English: pup NOUN
A pup is a young dog.
A healthy dog begins with a healthy pup.


Translation of Welpe from the Collins German to English
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