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English translation of 'accessorio'


ria ri rie


  1. secondary, of secondary importance

masculine noun

  1. (automobiles, fashion ) accessory

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'accessorio' in Other Languages

British English: accessory /əkˈsɛsərɪ/ NOUN
Accessories are extra parts added to something to make it more useful or decorative.
...bathroom accessories.
  • American English: accessory
  • Arabic: مُلْحَق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: acessório
  • Chinese: 附件
  • Croatian: dodatak
  • Czech: doplněk
  • Danish: tilbehør
  • Dutch: accessoire
  • European Spanish: complemento
  • Finnish: lisävaruste
  • French: accessoire
  • German: Zubehör
  • Greek: εξάρτημα
  • Italian: accessorio
  • Japanese: 付属物
  • Korean: 부속물
  • Norwegian: tilbehør
  • Polish: akcesoria
  • European Portuguese: acessório
  • Romanian: accesoriu
  • Russian: аксессуар
  • Spanish: accesorio
  • Swedish: accessoar
  • Thai: เครื่องประดับ
  • Turkish: aksesuar
  • Ukrainian: аксесуар
  • Vietnamese: phụ kiện
British English: fitting NOUN
A fitting is one of the smaller parts on the outside of a piece of equipment or furniture, for example a handle or a tap.
...brass light fittings.
  • American English: fitting
  • Brazilian Portuguese: prova
  • Chinese: > 配件设备、家具等的
  • European Spanish: accesorio
  • French: élément
  • German: Zubehörteil
  • Italian: accessorio
  • Japanese: 取付け部品
  • Korean: > 부속품기구나 가구의
  • European Portuguese: prova
  • Spanish: accesorio
British English: incidental ADJECTIVE
If one thing is incidental to another, it is less important than the other thing.
The playing of music proved to be incidental to the main business of the evening.
British English: subsidiary ADJECTIVE
If something is subsidiary, it is less important than something else with which it is connected.
The economics ministry has increasingly played a subsidiary role to the finance ministry.


Translation of accessorio from the Collins Italian to English
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