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English translation of 'affrontare'



transitive verb

    1. (nemico, pericolo) to face, confront
    2. (situazione) to face up to
    3. (questione) to deal with, tackle
    4. (horse riding, ostacolo) to negotiate
    affrontare una spesa to meet an expense
    prima o poi dovrai affrontare il problema sooner or later you'll have to face up to the problem
    è un argomento difficile da affrontare it's a difficult thing to talk about
    affrontano domani la prova decisiva per il campionato tomorrow they face the decider for the championship

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'affrontare' in Other Languages

British English: deal with /diːl wɪð/ VERB
When you deal with a situation or problem, you do what is necessary to achieve the result you want.
How do you deal with an uninvited guest?
  • American English: deal with
  • Arabic: يَتَعَامَلُ مَعَ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: lidar com
  • Chinese: 处理
  • Croatian: nositi se
  • Czech: řešit
  • Danish: tage sig af
  • Dutch: aanpakken
  • European Spanish: ocuparse de
  • Finnish: käsitellä
  • French: s’occuper de régler
  • German: kümmern um (sich)
  • Greek: αντιμετωπίζω
  • Italian: affrontare
  • Japanese: 扱う
  • Korean: 다루다
  • Norwegian: handle med
  • Polish: poradzić sobie z
  • European Portuguese: lidar com
  • Romanian: a se ocupa de
  • Russian: справляться с
  • Spanish: ocuparse de
  • Swedish: hantera
  • Thai: จัดการ
  • Turkish: ilgilenmek
  • Ukrainian: мати справу з
  • Vietnamese: xử lý
British English: face /feɪs/ VERB
To face a particular direction means to look directly in that direction.
They stood facing each other.
  • American English: face
  • Arabic: يُواجِهُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: encarar
  • Chinese: 面对
  • Croatian: gledati prema
  • Czech: směřovat
  • Danish: stå over for
  • Dutch: kijken naar
  • European Spanish: volverse hacia
  • Finnish: kohdata
  • French: faire face à
  • German: gegenüberstehen
  • Greek: αντιμετωπίζω
  • Italian: affrontare
  • Japanese: ・・・に向かう 方角
  • Korean: 직면하다
  • Norwegian: stå overfor
  • Polish: stanąć wobec
  • European Portuguese: encarar
  • Romanian: a sta cu fața spre
  • Russian: быть обращенным
  • Spanish: enfrentarse
  • Swedish: möta
  • Thai: เผชิญหน้า
  • Turkish: bakmak karşılıklı
  • Ukrainian: бути зверненим до
  • Vietnamese: đối mặt
British English: tackle /ˈtækl/ VERB
If you tackle a difficult task, you start dealing with it in a determined way.
They will need help to tackle the crisis.
  • American English: tackle
  • Arabic: يُعَالِجُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: enfrentar
  • Chinese: 处理
  • Croatian: odlučno prionuti poslu
  • Czech: vypořádat se s problémem, úkolem
  • Danish: tackle
  • Dutch: aanpakken
  • European Spanish: abordar
  • Finnish: tarttua toimeen
  • French: s’attaquer à
  • German: angehen
  • Greek: μαρκάρω
  • Italian: affrontare
  • Japanese: 取り組む
  • Korean: (문제에) 착수하다
  • Norwegian: takle
  • Polish: szarżować
  • European Portuguese: enfrentar
  • Romanian: a aborda
  • Russian: приниматься
  • Spanish: abordar
  • Swedish: tackla
  • Thai: จัดการ
  • Turkish: üstesinden gelmek
  • Ukrainian: перехоплювати
  • Vietnamese: xử lý
British English: broach VERB
When you broach a subject, especially a sensitive one, you mention it in order to start a discussion on it.
Eventually I broached the subject of her early life.


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