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English translation of 'antichità'



invariable feminine noun

  1. antiquity
    nell'antichità in ancient times
  2. antichità plural feminine noun antiques: negozio di antichità antique shop

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'antichità' in Other Languages

British English: antique /ænˈtiːk/ NOUN
An antique is an old object which is valuable because of its beauty or rarity.
...a genuine antique.
  • American English: antique
  • Arabic: أَثَر قَدِيـم
  • Brazilian Portuguese: antiguidade
  • Chinese: 古董
  • Croatian: antikvitet
  • Czech: starožitnost
  • Danish: antikvitet
  • Dutch: antiquiteit
  • European Spanish: antigüedad
  • Finnish: antiikki
  • French: antiquité
  • German: Antiquität
  • Greek: αντίκα
  • Italian: antichità
  • Japanese: 骨董品
  • Korean: 골동품
  • Norwegian: antikvitet
  • Polish: antyk
  • European Portuguese: antiguidade
  • Romanian: antichitateobiecte
  • Russian: старинная вещь
  • Spanish: antigüedad
  • Swedish: antikvitet
  • Thai: ของเก่า
  • Turkish: antika
  • Ukrainian: старовинна річ
  • Vietnamese: đồ cổ
British English: antiquity NOUN
Antiquity is the distant past, especially the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.
...famous monuments of classical antiquity.

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Translation of antichità from the Collins Italian to English
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