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English translation of 'arbitrare'



transitive verb

    1. (sport) to referee
      1. (tennis, cricket) to umpire
    2. (law) to arbitrate

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'arbitrare' in Other Languages

British English: arbitrate VERB
When someone in authority arbitrates between two people or groups who are in dispute, they consider all the facts and make an official decision about who is right.
He arbitrates between investors and members of the association.
British English: referee VERB
When someone referees a sports event or contest, they act as referee.
The match will be refereed by him.
He had never refereed a match.
British English: umpire VERB
To umpire means to be the umpire in a sports match or contest.
He umpired baseball games.
He umpired for school football matches.
  • American English: umpire
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ser o juiz
  • Chinese: 担任裁判在体育比赛或竞赛中
  • European Spanish: arbitrar
  • French: arbitrer
  • German: schiedsrichtern
  • Italian: arbitrare
  • Japanese: 審判をする
  • Korean: 심판을 보다
  • European Portuguese: ser o juiz
  • Spanish: arbitrar


Translation of arbitrare from the Collins Italian to English
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