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English translation of 'benestante'




  1. well-to-do, well-off
    una famiglia benestante a well-off family
    viene da una famiglia più benestante della mia his family is better off than mine

masculine noun, feminine noun

  1. essere un benestante to be well-off
    i benestanti (sostantivo:maschile:plurale) the well-off

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'benestante' in Other Languages

British English: well-off /ˈwɛlˈɒf/ ADJECTIVE
Someone who is well-off is rich enough to be able to do and buy most of the things that they want.
  • American English: well-off
  • Arabic: غَنِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: próspero
  • Chinese: 境遇好的
  • Croatian: dobrostojeći
  • Czech: majetný
  • Danish: velhavende
  • Dutch: welgesteld
  • European Spanish: acomodado
  • Finnish: varakas
  • French: aisé
  • German: wohlhabend
  • Greek: εύπορος
  • Italian: benestante
  • Japanese: 裕福な
  • Korean: 부유한
  • Norwegian: velsituert
  • Polish: zamożny
  • European Portuguese: próspero
  • Romanian: înstărit
  • Russian: состоятельный
  • Spanish: acomodado
  • Swedish: välbärgad
  • Thai: ซึ่งร่ำรวย
  • Turkish: hali vakti yerinde
  • Ukrainian: забезпечений
  • Vietnamese: sung túc
British English: affluent ADJECTIVE
If you are affluent, you have a lot of money.
It is one of the most affluent areas in the country.
British English: well-to-do ADJECTIVE
A well-to-do person is rich enough to be able to do and buy most of the things that they want.
...a well-to-do family of diamond cutters.


Translation of benestante from the Collins Italian to English
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