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English translation of 'blocco'

blocco 1


masculine noun

  1. (gen) block
    in blocco (business) in bulk
    considerare/condannare qc in blocco (figurative) to take/condemn sth as a whole
    1. (per appunti) notebook
    2. (di carta da lettere) (writing) pad
  2. (politics) bloc, coalition
    l'ex blocco orientale the former Eastern bloc
  3. (automobiles)
    blocco cilindri cylinder block

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blocco 2


masculine noun

  1. (military) blockade
    posto di blocco (sul confine) frontier post (di polizia) (also blocco stradale) road block
  2. (business) freeze
  3. (medicine)
    blocco cardiaco cardiac arrest

'blocco' in Other Languages

British English: block /blɒk/ NOUN
rectangular piece A block of a substance is a large rectangular piece of it.
...a block of ice.
  • American English: block solid piece
  • Arabic: كُتْلَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bloco
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: blok
  • Czech: blok velký kus hmoty
  • Danish: blok ét stykke
  • Dutch: blok hard stuk
  • European Spanish: bloque
  • Finnish: lohko
  • French: bloc
  • German: Klotz
  • Greek: στερεό τεμάχιο
  • Italian: blocco
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 덩어리
  • Norwegian: kloss
  • Polish: bryła
  • European Portuguese: bloco
  • Romanian: bloc
  • Russian: блок
  • Spanish: bloque
  • Swedish: kloss
  • Thai: ชิ้นหรือของหรือวัสดุที่เป็นของแข็ง
  • Turkish: blok
  • Ukrainian: блок
  • Vietnamese: khối cục
British English: block /blɒk/ NOUN
obstruction A block is an obstruction or hindrance.
  • American English: block obstruction
  • Arabic: حَاجِز
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bloqueio
  • Chinese: 阻塞
  • Croatian: prepreka
  • Czech: obstrukce
  • Danish: spærring
  • Dutch: versperring
  • European Spanish: obstrucción
  • Finnish: sulku
  • French: blocage
  • German: Absperrung
  • Greek: εμπόδιο
  • Italian: blocco
  • Japanese: 閉塞物
  • Korean: 장애물
  • Norwegian: hinder
  • Polish: zatkanie
  • European Portuguese: bloqueio
  • Romanian: obstacol
  • Russian: препятствие
  • Spanish: escollo
  • Swedish: hinder
  • Thai: สิ่งกีดขวาง
  • Turkish: engel
  • Ukrainian: перешкода
  • Vietnamese: trở ngại
British English: blockage /ˈblɒkɪdʒ/ NOUN
A blockage in a pipe or tunnel is something that is blocking it.
...a fatal blockage in the lung.
  • American English: blockage
  • Arabic: اِنْسِداد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: obstrução
  • Chinese: 封锁
  • Croatian: začepljenje
  • Czech: ucpání
  • Danish: blokering
  • Dutch: verstopping
  • European Spanish: obstrucción
  • Finnish: tukos
  • French: blocage
  • German: Verstopfung
  • Greek: αποκλεισμός
  • Italian: blocco
  • Japanese: 封鎖
  • Korean: 봉쇄
  • Norwegian: blokkering
  • Polish: blokada
  • European Portuguese: obstrução
  • Romanian: blocaj
  • Russian: закупорка
  • Spanish: bloqueo
  • Swedish: blockering
  • Thai: การปิดล้อม
  • Turkish: tıkanıklık
  • Ukrainian: блокування
  • Vietnamese: chướng ngại vật
British English: lump /lʌmp/ NOUN
A lump is a solid piece of something.
...a lump of coal.
  • American English: lump
  • Arabic: كُتْلَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: monte forma de monte
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: hrpa
  • Czech: hrouda
  • Danish: luns
  • Dutch: klont
  • European Spanish: bulto
  • Finnish: möykky
  • French: morceau
  • German: Klumpen
  • Greek: σβώλος
  • Italian: blocco
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 덩어리
  • Norwegian: klump
  • Polish: grudka
  • European Portuguese: pedaço
  • Romanian: bloc
  • Russian: кусок
  • Spanish: bulto
  • Swedish: klump
  • Thai: ก้อน
  • Turkish: iri parça
  • Ukrainian: грудка
  • Vietnamese: cục khối
British English: bloc NOUN
A bloc is a group of countries which have similar political aims and interests and that act together over some issues.
...the world's largest trading bloc.
  • American English: bloc
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bloco
  • Chinese: > 阵营具有相似政治目标和利益的国家结成的
  • European Spanish: bloque
  • French: bloc
  • German: Block
  • Italian: blocco
  • Japanese: 連合
  • Korean: 블록
  • European Portuguese: bloco
  • Spanish: bloque
British English: blockade NOUN
A blockade of a place is an action that is taken to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving it.
It's not yet clear who will actually enforce the blockade.
British English: pad NOUN
paper A pad of paper is a number of pieces of paper attached together along the top or the side, so that each piece can be torn off when it has been used.
She wrote on a pad of paper.
  • American English: pad
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bloco
  • Chinese: 便笺簿
  • European Spanish: bloc
  • French: bloc
  • German: Block
  • Italian: blocco
  • Japanese: 一式
  • Korean: 묶음
  • European Portuguese: bloco
  • Spanish: bloc


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