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English translation of 'bozza'

bozza 1


feminine noun

  1. (informal, bernoccolo) bump

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bozza 2


feminine noun

    1. (di lettera, contratto, romanzo) draft
    2. (typography, di stampa) proof
    rivedere o correggere le bozze to proofread
    prima/seconda/terza bozza first/revised proof

'bozza' in Other Languages

British English: draft /drɑːft/ NOUN
A draft is an early version of a letter, book, or speech.
I emailed a first draft of the article to him.
  • American English: draft piece of writing
  • Arabic: مُسَوَّدَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rascunho
  • Chinese: 草稿
  • Croatian: nacrt
  • Czech: koncept pracovní verze
  • Danish: udkast
  • Dutch: ontwerp
  • European Spanish: borrador
  • Finnish: luonnos
  • French: brouillon
  • German: Entwurf
  • Greek: προσχέδιο
  • Italian: bozza
  • Japanese: 下書き
  • Korean: 초안
  • Norwegian: utkast
  • Polish: szkic
  • European Portuguese: rascunho
  • Romanian: schiță
  • Russian: проект
  • Spanish: borrador
  • Swedish: utkast
  • Thai: ตั๋วแลกเงิน
  • Turkish: taslak
  • Ukrainian: проект
  • Vietnamese: bản thảo
British English: proof /pruːf/ NOUN
printed In publishing, the proofs of a book, magazine, or article are a first copy of it that is printed so that mistakes can be corrected before more copies are printed and published.
I'm correcting the proofs of the new edition right now.
  • American English: proof for checking
  • Arabic: مِسْوَدَّةُ الطَّبْع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: prova evidência
  • Chinese: 校样
  • Croatian: otisak za korekturu
  • Czech: korektura
  • Danish: prøvetryk
  • Dutch: proefafdruk
  • European Spanish: prueba argumento
  • Finnish: todiste
  • French: épreuve
  • German: Beweismittel
  • Greek: αποδεικτικό στοιχείο
  • Italian: bozza dimostrazione
  • Japanese: 校正刷り for checking
  • Korean: 교정쇄
  • Norwegian: bevis
  • Polish: dowód dowody
  • European Portuguese: prova evidência
  • Romanian: corectură
  • Russian: доказательство
  • Spanish: prueba argumento
  • Swedish: bevis
  • Thai: ปรู๊ฟ
  • Turkish: kanıt
  • Ukrainian: пробний відбиток
  • Vietnamese: bản in thử


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