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English translation of 'carro'



masculine noun

  1. cart, wagon
    1. (per carnevale) float
    mettere il carro davanti ai buoi (figurative) to put the cart before the horse
  2. (astronomy)
    il Gran/Piccolo Carro the Great/Little Bear

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'carro' in Other Languages

British English: chariot NOUN
In ancient times, chariots were fast-moving vehicles with two wheels that were pulled by horses.
  • American English: chariot
  • Brazilian Portuguese: biga
  • Chinese: 两轮战车
  • European Spanish: carro
  • French: char
  • German: Streitwagen
  • Italian: carro
  • Japanese: 二輪馬車
  • Korean: 고대 전투 경기용 1인승 이륜 전차
  • European Portuguese: quadriga
  • Spanish: carro
British English: wagon NOUN
A wagon is a strong vehicle with four wheels, usually pulled by animals.
  • American English: wagon
  • Brazilian Portuguese: carroça
  • Chinese: 四轮运货马 > 车或牛
  • European Spanish: carro
  • French: chariot
  • German: Waggon
  • Italian: carro
  • Japanese: 四輪車
  • Korean: 사륜 짐마차
  • European Portuguese: carroça
  • Spanish: carro


Translation of carro from the Collins Italian to English
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