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English translation of 'cavalcata'



feminine noun

  1. ride
    fare una cavalcata to go for a ride
    abbiamo fatto una cavalcata nel bosco we went for a ride in the woods

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transitive verb

    1. (sogg, persona)
      1. (cavallo) to ride
      2. (muro) to sit astride
    2. (sogg, ponte) to span

intransitive verb

  1. (andare a cavallo) to ride
    sai cavalcare? can you ride?
    andare a cavalcare to go riding

'cavalcata' in Other Languages

British English: ride /raɪd/ NOUN
A ride is a journey on a horse or bicycle, or in a vehicle.
She took some friends for a ride in the car.
  • American English: ride
  • Arabic: رُكُوب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: passeio
  • Chinese: 兜风
  • Croatian: vožnja
  • Czech: jízda
  • Danish: køretur
  • Dutch: ritje
  • European Spanish: vuelta paseo
  • Finnish: ajomatka
  • French: tour promenade
  • German: Fahrt
  • Greek: διαδρομή με μεταφορικό μέσο
  • Italian: cavalcata
  • Japanese: 乗ること
  • Korean: 타기 여행
  • Norwegian: tur
  • Polish: przejażdżka
  • European Portuguese: passeio
  • Romanian: plimbarecălare
  • Russian: поездка
  • Spanish: paseo paseo
  • Swedish: åktur
  • Thai: การเดินทางโดยยานพาหนะหรือหลังม้า
  • Turkish: gezinti at/araba/bisiklet
  • Ukrainian: їзда
  • Vietnamese: cuộc đi


Translation of cavalcata from the Collins Italian to English
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