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English translation of 'comunicare'



transitive verb

  1. (trasmettere) to communicate
    comunicare una notizia a qn to give sb a piece of news
    comunicare qc a qn to inform sb of sth
  2. (religion) to administer communion to

intransitive verb

  1. (stanze, persone) to communicate
    questa porta comunica con l'esterno this door leads outside

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'comunicare' in Other Languages

British English: communicate /kəˈmjuːnɪˌkeɪt/ VERB
If you communicate with someone, you give them information, for example by speaking, writing, or sending radio signals.
They communicated in sign language.
  • American English: communicate
  • Arabic: يَتَصِل بـ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: comunicar
  • Chinese: 交流
  • Croatian: komunicirati
  • Czech: komunikovat
  • Danish: kommunikere
  • Dutch: communiceren
  • European Spanish: comunicarse
  • Finnish: kommunikoida
  • French: communiquer
  • German: kommunizieren
  • Greek: επικοινωνώ
  • Italian: comunicare
  • Japanese: 伝える
  • Korean: 의사소통하다
  • Norwegian: kommunisere
  • Polish: zakomunikować
  • European Portuguese: comunicar
  • Romanian: a comunica
  • Russian: общаться
  • Spanish: comunicar
  • Swedish: kommunicera
  • Thai: ติดต่อสื่อสาร
  • Turkish: iletişim kurmak
  • Ukrainian: спілкуватися
  • Vietnamese: truyền đạt
British English: convey VERB
To convey information or feelings means to cause them to be known or understood by someone.
When I returned home, I tried to convey the wonder of this machine to my husband.


Translation of comunicare from the Collins Italian to English
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