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masculine noun

  1. (calcolo) calculation
    fare di conto to count
    ho fatto un rapido conto I did a quick calculation
    1. (banking, business) account
    2. (fattura)
      1. (di ristorante, albergo) bill
      2. (di prestazione) account, bill
    il conto, per favore could I have the bill, please?
    pagare o saldare il conto to pay the bill
    fare i conti to do the accounts
    dobbiamo fare il conto delle spese we must work out the expenses
    far bene/male i propri conti (also figurative) to get one's sums right/wrong
    non aveva fatto i conti con possibili imprevisti he hadn't allowed for anything unexpected happening
    fare i conti senza l'oste to forget the most important thing
    fare i conti con qn to settle one's account with sb
    farò i conti con te più tardi! I'll sort you out later!
    avere un conto in sospeso (con qn) to have an outstanding account (with sb) (figurative) to have a score to settle (with sb)
    fare i conti in tasca a qn to pry into sb's financial affairs
  2. (stima, considerazione)
    di poco/nessun conto of little/no importance
    tener conto di qn/qc to take sb/sth into consideration o account
    non avevo tenuto conto del fuso orario I hadn't allowed for the time difference
    tenere qc da conto to take great care of sth
  3. (fraseologia)
    a conti fatti, in fin dei conti all things considered, when all is said and done
    be', in fin dei conti non ha tutti i torti well, after all, he's quite right
    ad ogni buon conto in any case
    per conto mio (a mio avviso) in my opinion, as far as I'm concerned (a nome mio) on my behalf (da solo) on my own
    per conto mio la faccenda è un po' strana in my opinion it's all rather strange
    voglio starmene per conto mio I want to be on my own
    ci vado per conto mio I'm going on my own
    per conto di on behalf of
    telefono per conto di Sara I'm phoning on behalf of Sara
    sul conto di about
    girano strane voci sul conto di Luca I've heard some strange things about Luca
    mi hanno detto strane cose sul suo conto I've heard some strange things about him
    fare conto che... (supporre) to suppose that ...
    fare conto su qn/qc to rely o depend o count on sb/sth
    chiedere conto di qc a qn to ask sb to give an account o explanation of sth
    rendere conto a qn di qc to be accountable to sb for sth
    rendersi conto di qc/che... to realize sth/that
    non si era reso conto che c'ero anch'io he hadn't realized I was there too
    non ti rendi conto delle conseguenze! you don't realize what will happen!
    essere alla resa dei conti ... to come to the day of reckoning

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C 2


abbreviation for

  1. (geography) = capo
  2. (= Celsius, centigrado) C
  3. (= conto) a/c

masculine acronym for

  1. (computing) C



transitive verb

  1. (calcolare, enumerare) to count
    li ho contati, sono quindici I've counted them, there are fifteen
    le telefonate non si contavano più I (o you etc) couldn't keep count of the telephone calls
    ha sempre i minuti contati he never has a spare moment
    ha i giorni contati or ha le ore contate his days are numbered
    ho i soldi contati I haven't a penny to spare
    amici così si contano sulla punta delle dita you can count the number of friends like that on the fingers of one hand
  2. (considerare) to include, count (in), consider
    senza contare (senza includere) not counting (senza parlare di) not to mention
    eravamo in dieci, senza contare i professori there were ten of us, not counting the teachers
    contare di fare qc to intend to do sth, to think of
    contavamo di partire nel pomeriggio we were thinking of leaving in the afternoon
    conto di essere lì per mezzogiorno I think I'll be there by midday
  3. (informal, raccontare) to tell
    contarle grosse to tell tall stories

intransitive verb

  1. (calcolare) to count
    contare fino a 100 to count to 100
    conta fino a cinquanta e poi vieni a cercarci count to fifty and then come and look for us
  2. (fare assegnamento)
    contare su qn/qc to count on sb/sth, rely on sb/sth
    sai che puoi contare su di me you know you can count on me
    puoi contarci you can count on it
  3. (avere importanza) to count, matter, be of importance
    la gente che conta the people who matter
    alla sua festa c'era tutta la Milano che conta everybody who is anybody in Milan was at her party

'conto' in Other Languages

British English: account /əˈkaʊnt/ NOUN
at bank If you have an account with a bank, you leave money with the bank and take it out when you need it.
Have you got a savings account?
  • American English: account in bank
  • Arabic: حِسَاب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: conta bancária
  • Chinese: 账户
  • Croatian: račun
  • Czech: účet
  • Danish: konto
  • Dutch: rekening in bank
  • European Spanish: cuenta contabilidad
  • Finnish: pankkitili
  • French: compte
  • German: Konto
  • Greek: λογαριασμός
  • Italian: conto
  • Japanese: 預金口座
  • Korean: 은행 계좌
  • Norwegian: konto
  • Polish: konto
  • European Portuguese: conta
  • Romanian: cont
  • Russian: банковский счет
  • Spanish: cuenta operación aritmética
  • Swedish: konto
  • Thai: บัญชีเงินฝาก
  • Turkish: hesap banka
  • Ukrainian: рахунок
  • Vietnamese: tài khoản
British English: bill /bɪl/ NOUN
account A bill is a written statement of money that you owe for goods or services.
He paid his bill for the newspapers.
  • American English: bill account
  • Arabic: فاتُورَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: conta
  • Chinese: 帐单
  • Croatian: račun
  • Czech: účet k zaplacení
  • Danish: regning
  • Dutch: rekening factuur
  • European Spanish: cuenta factura
  • Finnish: lasku maksettava
  • French: note addition
  • German: Rechnung
  • Greek: λογαριασμός
  • Italian: conto
  • Japanese: 請求書
  • Korean: 계산서
  • Norwegian: regning
  • Polish: rachunek
  • European Portuguese: conta
  • Romanian: factură
  • Russian: счет финансовый документ
  • Spanish: cuenta factura
  • Swedish: räkning
  • Thai: ใบแจ้งหนี้
  • Turkish: hesap
  • Ukrainian: рахунок
  • Vietnamese: hóa đơn
British English: count NOUN
A count is the action of counting a particular set of things, or the number that you get when you have counted them.
The final count in last month's referendum showed 56.7 per cent in favour.
British English: tab NOUN
bill A tab is the total cost of goods or services that you have to pay, or the bill or check for those goods or services.
At least one estimate puts the total tab at $7 million.
British English: tally NOUN
A tally is a record of amounts or numbers which you keep changing and adding to as the activity which affects it progresses.
They do not keep a tally of visitors to the palace, but it is very popular.
  • American English: tally
  • Brazilian Portuguese: conta
  • Chinese: 记录
  • European Spanish: cuenta
  • French: compte
  • German: aktueller Stand
  • Italian: conto
  • Japanese: 記録
  • Korean: 총계
  • European Portuguese: conta
  • Spanish: cuenta


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