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English translation of 'd'avanguardia'


  1. avant-garde (attr)
See avanguardia (sense 2)

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'd'avanguardia' in Other Languages

British English: avant-garde ADJECTIVE
Avant-garde art, music, theatre, and literature is very modern and experimental.
...avant-garde concert music.
  • American English: avant-garde
  • Brazilian Portuguese: de vanguarda
  • Chinese: 前卫的
  • European Spanish: de vanguardia
  • French: d'avant-garde
  • German: avantgardistisch
  • Italian: d'avanguardia
  • Japanese: 前衛的な
  • Korean: 아방가르드의
  • European Portuguese: de vanguarda
  • Spanish: de vanguardia
British English: cutting edge ADJECTIVE
Cutting-edge techniques or equipment are the most advanced that there are in a particular field.
What we are planning is cutting-edge technology never seen in this country before.
  • American English: cutting edge
  • Brazilian Portuguese: de ponta
  • Chinese: 前沿的
  • European Spanish: de vanguardia
  • French: en pointe
  • German: Spitzen-
  • Italian: d'avanguardia
  • Japanese: 最先端の
  • Korean: 제일선
  • European Portuguese: de ponta
  • Spanish: de vanguardia
British English: state-of-the-art ADJECTIVE
If you describe something as state-of-the-art, you mean that it is the best available because it has been made using the most modern techniques and technology.
...the production of state-of-the-art electronics.


Translation of d'avanguardia from the Collins Italian to English
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