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  1. managerial
    classe dirigente ruling class

masculine noun, feminine noun

  1. executive

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(diˈridʒere) (irregular)

transitive verb

    1. (condurre) to run
    2. (ditta) to manage
    3. (giornale) to edit
    4. (partito, inchiesta) to lead
    5. (operazioni, traffico) to direct
    6. (orchestra) to conduct
    dirigere il traffico to direct the traffic
    dirigere i lavori to be in charge of the work
  1. (arma)
    dirigere verso o contro to point at
    dirigere contro (critiche) to direct at, aim at
    dirigere l'attenzione su qc/qn to turn one's attention to sth/sb
    dirigere i propri passi verso to make one's way towards
    dirigere lo sguardo verso to look towards
    a chi era diretta quell'osservazione? who was that remark intended for?
    era diretto verso casa he was heading home
    dove sei diretto? where are you heading?
    il treno era diretto a Pavia the train was en route for Pavia
    eravamo diretti a nord we were heading north
    mi hanno diretto qui they sent me here
  2. (pacco, lettera) to address

'dirigente' in Other Languages

British English: executive /ɪɡˈzɛkjʊtɪv/ NOUN
An executive is someone employed by a company at a senior level. advertising executive.
  • American English: executive
  • Arabic: مُدِير مدير
  • Brazilian Portuguese: executivo
  • Chinese: 管理人员
  • Croatian: rukovoditelj
  • Czech: vedoucí pracovník
  • Danish: leder
  • Dutch: leidinggevend persoon
  • European Spanish: ejecutivo
  • Finnish: johtaja yhtiön
  • French: cadre emploi
  • German: leitender Angestellter
  • Greek: στέλεχος εταιρεία
  • Italian: dirigente
  • Japanese: エグゼクティブ
  • Korean: 실행위원
  • Norwegian: direktør
  • Polish: kierownik
  • European Portuguese: executivo
  • Romanian: director
  • Russian: член правления
  • Spanish: ejecutivo
  • Swedish: verkställande
  • Thai: ผู้บริหาร
  • Turkish: yönetici
  • Ukrainian: виконавчий
  • Vietnamese: chuyên viên


Translation of dirigente from the Collins Italian to English
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