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English translation of 'escursione'



feminine noun

  1. (gita) excursion, trip
    1. (a piedi) hike, walk
    escursione in montagna hillwalking
  2. (meteorology)
    escursione termica temperature range

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'escursione' in Other Languages

British English: hike /haɪk/ NOUN
A hike is a long walk in the country, especially one that you go on for pleasure.
The site is reached by a 30-minute hike through dense forest.
  • American English: hike
  • Arabic: تَـجَوُّلٌ فِي الرِّيفِ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: caminhada
  • Chinese: 远足
  • Croatian: pješačenje
  • Czech: túra
  • Danish: vandre
  • Dutch: trektocht
  • European Spanish: caminata excursión
  • Finnish: vaellus
  • French: randonnée
  • German: Wanderung
  • Greek: πεζοπορία
  • Italian: escursione
  • Japanese: ハイキング
  • Korean: 하이킹
  • Norwegian: fottur
  • Polish: wędrówka
  • European Portuguese: caminhada
  • Romanian: plimbare de agrement
  • Russian: пешая прогулка
  • Spanish: caminata
  • Swedish: fotvandring
  • Thai: การเดินทางไกลด้วยเท้า
  • Turkish: yürüyüşe çıkma
  • Ukrainian: прогулянка пішки
  • Vietnamese: cuộc đi bộ đường dài
British English: outing /ˈaʊtɪŋ/ NOUN
An outing is a short enjoyable trip, usually with a group of people, away from your home, school, or place of work.
...a family outing to the beach.
  • American English: outing
  • Arabic: نُزْهَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: passeio
  • Chinese: 外出
  • Croatian: izlazak
  • Czech: výlet
  • Danish: udflugt
  • Dutch: uitje
  • European Spanish: salida excursión
  • Finnish: retki
  • French: sortie soirée
  • German: Ausflug
  • Greek: εκδρομή
  • Italian: escursione
  • Japanese: 遠足
  • Korean: 소풍
  • Norwegian: utflukt
  • Polish: krótka wycieczka
  • European Portuguese: passeio
  • Romanian: excursie
  • Russian: прогулка
  • Spanish: salida
  • Swedish: utflykt
  • Thai: การเดินทางท่องเที่ยวระยะสั้น
  • Turkish: dışarı çıkmak
  • Ukrainian: пікнік
  • Vietnamese: cuộc đi chơi
British English: excursion NOUN
You can refer to a short journey as an excursion, especially if it is made for pleasure or enjoyment.
His father took him on an excursion to a coral barrier.
British English: ramble NOUN
A ramble is a long walk in the countryside. hour's ramble through the woods.


Translation of escursione from the Collins Italian to English
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