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English translation of 'esporre'


(esˈporre) (irregular)

transitive verb

  1. (esibire)
    1. (merce) to put on display, display
    2. (quadri) to exhibit, show
    3. (avviso) to put up
    4. (bandiera) to put out, raise
    esposto al pubblico on display to the public
    ha esposto la merce in vetrina he displayed the goods in the window
    espone i suoi quadri in una galleria d'arte he's showing his paintings in an art gallery
    1. (spiegare) to explain
    2. (argomento, teoria) to put forward, expound
    3. (fatti, ragionamenti) to set out
    4. (dubbi, riserve) to express
    esporre a voce/per iscritto to explain verbally/in writing
    ha esposto i fatti con grande chiarezza she explained the facts very clearly
  2. (mettere in pericolo)
    esporre qn al pericolo to expose sb to danger
    esporre il fianco a critiche to lay o.s. open to criticism
  3. (alla luce, all'aria) (also photography) to expose

reflexive verb

  1. esporsi a (sole, pericolo) to expose o.s. to (critiche) to lay o.s. open to
    stai attento a non esporti troppo (compromettersi) be careful about sticking your neck out

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'esporre' in Other Languages

British English: display /dɪˈspleɪ/ VERB
If you display something that you want people to see, you put it in a particular place, so that people can see it easily.
Old soldiers proudly displayed their medals.
  • American English: display
  • Arabic: يَعْرِضُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: expor em exposição
  • Chinese: 显示
  • Croatian: izložiti
  • Czech: vystavit
  • Danish: vise
  • Dutch: tentoonstellen
  • European Spanish: exponer
  • Finnish: näyttää pitää esillä
  • French: montrer
  • German: ausstellen
  • Greek: επιδεικνύω
  • Italian: esporre
  • Japanese: 展示する
  • Korean: 전시하다
  • Norwegian: vise
  • Polish: pokazać
  • European Portuguese: expor
  • Romanian: a expune
  • Russian: показывать
  • Spanish: exponer
  • Swedish: förevisa
  • Thai: แสดง
  • Turkish: sergilemek
  • Ukrainian: показувати
  • Vietnamese: trưng bày
British English: expound VERB
If you expound an idea or opinion, you give a clear and detailed explanation of it.
He continued to expound his views on economics and politics.


Translation of esporre from the Collins Italian to English
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