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invariable adjective, invariable masculine noun

  1. extra
    una spesa extra an extra expense
    nel conto c'erano molti extra there were a lot of extras on the bill

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'extra' in Other Languages

British English: extra /ˈɛkstrə/ ADVERB
You can use extra in front of adjectives and adverbs to emphasize the quality that they are describing.
You have to be extra careful.
  • American English: extra
  • Arabic: إِضَافِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: super
  • Chinese: 特别地
  • Croatian: dodatno
  • Czech: navíc
  • Danish: ekstra
  • Dutch: extra
  • European Spanish: extra-
  • Finnish: erityisen
  • French: en plus
  • German: mehr
  • Greek: επιπλέον
  • Italian: extra
  • Japanese: 余分に
  • Korean: 각별히
  • Norwegian: ekstra
  • Polish: dodatkowo
  • European Portuguese: super
  • Romanian: foarte
  • Russian: дополнительно
  • Spanish: extra
  • Swedish: extra
  • Thai: เป็นพิเศษ
  • Turkish: ilaveten
  • Ukrainian: особливо
  • Vietnamese: thêm
British English: bonus NOUN
extra A bonus is something good that you get in addition to something else, and which you would not usually expect.
We felt we might finish third. Any better would be a bonus.
  • American English: bonus
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bônus
  • Chinese: 奖金
  • European Spanish: plus
  • French: prime
  • German: Bonus
  • Italian: extra
  • Japanese: 思いがけない喜び
  • Korean: 보너스
  • European Portuguese: bónus
  • Spanish: plus
British English: extra NOUN
Extras are additional amounts of money that are added to the price that you have to pay for something.
She is disgusted by big hotels adding so many extras to the bill that it nearly doubles.


Translation of extra from the Collins Italian to English
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