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English translation of 'favore'



masculine noun

  1. favour (Brit), favor (US)
    chiedere/fare un favore a qn to ask/do sb a favour
    posso chiederti un favore? can I ask you a favour?
    mi faresti un favore? would you do me a favour?
    per favore please
    godere del favore del pubblico to enjoy public favour
    prezzo/trattamento di favore preferential price/treatment
    condizioni di favore (business) favourable terms
    biglietto di favore complimentary ticket
    a favore di (votare) in favour of (testimoniare, raccogliere aiuti) on behalf of
    essere a favore di to be in favour of
    col favore delle tenebre under cover of darkness

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'favore' in Other Languages

British English: favour /ˈfeɪvə/ NOUN
If you regard something or someone with favour, you like or support them.
The changes found favour with most people.
  • American English: favor
  • Arabic: رِضاً
  • Brazilian Portuguese: favor
  • Chinese: 宠爱
  • Croatian: usluga
  • Czech: přízeň
  • Danish: tjeneste
  • Dutch: instemming
  • European Spanish: favor
  • Finnish: suosio
  • French: faveur appréciation
  • German: Gefallen
  • Greek: εύνοια
  • Italian: favore
  • Japanese: 賛成
  • Korean: 호의
  • Norwegian: tjeneste
  • Polish: przysługa
  • European Portuguese: favor
  • Romanian: favoare
  • Russian: благосклонность
  • Spanish: favor
  • Swedish: tjänst hjälp
  • Thai: ความชื่นชอบ
  • Turkish: yardım
  • Ukrainian: прихильність
  • Vietnamese: sự quý mến


Translation of favore from the Collins Italian to English
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