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English translation of 'griglia'



feminine noun

  1. (cookery) grill (Brit), broiler (US)
    alla griglia grilled (Brit), broiled (US)
    una bistecca alla griglia a grilled steak
    1. (di stufa, focolare) grate
    2. (di apertura) grating
  2. (automobiles) grille
  3. (electricity) grid

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'griglia' in Other Languages

British English: barbecue /ˈbɑːbɪˌkjuː/ NOUN
A barbecue is a grill used to cook food outdoors.
  • American English: outdoor grill
  • Arabic: مِشْوَاةٌ لِلَحْمِ في الهَوَاءِ الطَّلْق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: churrasco
  • Chinese: 烧烤
  • Croatian: roštilj
  • Czech: gril venkovní
  • Danish: barbecue
  • Dutch: barbecue
  • European Spanish: barbacoa
  • Finnish: grilli- tai puutarhakutsut
  • French: barbecue
  • German: Grill
  • Greek: μπάρμπεκιου
  • Italian: griglia
  • Japanese: バーベキュー
  • Korean: 바비큐
  • Norwegian: grill
  • Polish: grill
  • European Portuguese: churrasco
  • Romanian: grătar
  • Russian: барбекю
  • Spanish: barbacoa
  • Swedish: grill
  • Thai: บาร์บีคิว
  • Turkish: barbekü
  • Ukrainian: барбекю
  • Vietnamese: bếp nướng ngoài trời
British English: grid /ɡrɪd/ NOUN
A grid is a pattern of straight lines that cross over each other to form squares.
...a grid of narrow streets.
  • American English: grid
  • Arabic: شَبَكَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: quadriculado
  • Chinese: 格子
  • Croatian: mreža
  • Czech: mřížka
  • Danish: gitter
  • Dutch: rooster
  • European Spanish: cuadrícula
  • Finnish: ruudukko
  • French: grille
  • German: Gitter
  • Greek: πλέγμα
  • Italian: griglia
  • Japanese: グリッド
  • Korean: 격자
  • Norwegian: rutenett
  • Polish: siatka
  • European Portuguese: quadriculado
  • Romanian: grilă
  • Russian: решетка
  • Spanish: cuadrícula
  • Swedish: galler
  • Thai: เส้นตาราง
  • Turkish: ızgara
  • Ukrainian: сітка
  • Vietnamese: đường kẻ ô
British English: grill /ɡrɪl/ NOUN
A grill is a part of a cooker where food is grilled.
Put the toast back under the grill and cook until the cheese bubbles.
  • American English: broiler
  • Arabic: شَوَّايَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: grelha
  • Chinese: 烤架
  • Croatian: roštilj
  • Czech: gril
  • Danish: grill
  • Dutch: grill
  • European Spanish: parrilla
  • Finnish: grilli
  • French: gril
  • German: Grill
  • Greek: σχάρα
  • Italian: griglia
  • Japanese: グリル
  • Korean: 그릴
  • Norwegian: grill
  • Polish: ruszt
  • European Portuguese: grelha
  • Romanian: grătar
  • Russian: гриль
  • Spanish: parrilla
  • Swedish: grill
  • Thai: อาหารย่าง
  • Turkish: ızgara
  • Ukrainian: гриль
  • Vietnamese: vỉ nướng


Translation of griglia from the Collins Italian to English
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