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English translation of 'insorgere'



intransitive verb

  1. (ribellarsi)
    insorgere (contro) to rise up (against), rebel (against)
  2. (manifestarsi improvvisamente) to arise, come o crop up

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'insorgere' in Other Languages

British English: riot /ˈraɪət/ VERB
If people riot, they behave violently in a public place.
Last year 600 inmates rioted, starting fires and building barricades.
  • American English: riot
  • Arabic: يُشاغِبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: provocar distúrbios
  • Chinese: 骚乱
  • Croatian: pobuniti
  • Czech: dělat výtržnosti
  • Danish: gøre oprør
  • Dutch: oproer maken
  • European Spanish: causar disturbios
  • Finnish: mellakoida
  • French: se soulever révolte
  • German: randalieren
  • Greek: εξεγείρομαι
  • Italian: insorgere
  • Japanese: 暴動を起こす
  • Korean: 폭동을 일으키다
  • Norwegian: lage opptøyer
  • Polish: rozniecić bunt
  • European Portuguese: provocar distúrbios
  • Romanian: a face scandal
  • Russian: бунтовать
  • Spanish: causar disturbios
  • Swedish: ställa till upplopp
  • Thai: ก่อการจลาจล
  • Turkish: başkaldırmak
  • Ukrainian: порушувати громадський порядок
  • Vietnamese: nổi loạn


Translation of insorgere from the Collins Italian to English
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